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Written on 5 Jun 2017 | No Comments

Liverpool’s transfer activity will be highly scrutinised after scraping 4th place in the league and getting into the qualifying stage of the Champions League. Manchester City for instance have already purchased Bernardo Silva from Monaco and have apparently tied up a deal for Benfica’s keeper Ederson for a huge £34.7m.
This has prompted a social media meltdown from Liverpool fans, though the 2016/17 season has just barely concluded. The transfer window does not officially reopen for a month, but that does not mean business cannot be done now. So let’s have …

Written on 18 Apr 2017 | No Comments

Eden Hazard
The Belgian international is one league goal away from making this his highest-scoring season since arriving in England. He’s been outstanding this campaign and has certainly played a big part in guiding Chelsea to their fourth league title and Conte’s first in English football.
He was voted the PFA player of the year in Chelsea’s victorious 14/15 campaign in which the Blues effectively strolled to the title with little resistance, and it would be anything but ridiculous to suggest the player has gone up another level since then.
The season after, …

Written on 8 Mar 2017 | No Comments

It’s an utter falsehood to say that Wenger would be in danger of tarnishing his legacy if he extended his stay at Arsenal. The falsehood, in this case, doesn’t pertain to the suggested absurdity of sacking a manager following a history of incredible success; Ranieri being a prime and very recent example.
With Arsenal’s longest-serving and present manager, the argument in that statement arises when the notion of a manager who is yet to tarnish a legacy is made.
The second half of Wenger’s reign at Arsenal can be neatly summarised by …

Written on 6 Mar 2017 | One Comment

Right now football, as all know, is the richest sport in the world and it’s not impossible for some players to earn millions. But what does a player do with all of the money they have? While it may sound stereotypical, buying flashy, fast and expensive cars seems to be a popular thing for football players to splash their cash on. Fast and expensive, the following supercars are some of the most loved toys that Premier League football players in particular love to throw their cash at! As most of …

Written on 20 Feb 2017 | No Comments

If you’re looking to catch your favourite Premier League teams on their pre-season tour this summer then there are a few different places you’re going to need to have a look at. With an El Classico pre-season friendly heading over to America, and some of the Premier League teams heading to Asia, Europe and America too, there’s going to be plenty of action to catch wherever you are. If you’re heading out to America to catch your teams then you need to make sure you carry out an ESTA renewal …

Written on 16 Feb 2017 | No Comments

The last time Barcelona were dismantled 4-0 away from home in the Champions League, a similar thought had entered the mind: was this a passive performance from the Spanish giants, or was it their opponents simply having too much for them to deal with.
When the game ended, and Bayern Munich with their 4-0 cushion knew they had essentially booked their place in the 2013 Champions League final, there was a strange feeling of something great coming to an end. It certainly felt as though the mighty Barcelona, with their mighty …

Written on 15 Feb 2017 | No Comments

We are all engrossed by the Champions league at the moment, particularly now that we are coming up to the last 16 leg of the competition. The UEFA Champions league is an annual football competition introduced by the Union of European Football Associations and is a devised to test the very best in the top-division clubs of Europe. The Champions League is one of the most prestigious contests out there and is played by the national league champion teams from each of the teams in the UEFA national association.
As one …

Written on 15 Jan 2017 | No Comments

Though he is Liverpool’s Captain Jordan Henderson still provides a divide in opinion between not just Liverpool fans, but football followers in general. Whereas some can appreciate his industrious nature, others tend to see him as an individual who has stolen a career as soon as they hear his name.
When Kenny Dalglish bought Henderson for an initial £16 million fee (that had the chance to rise to £20 million) from his hometown club Sunderland in the summer of 2011, not surprisingly, numerous eyebrows were raised. Henderson had come through the …

Written on 8 Jan 2017 | No Comments

Brentford, founded in 1889 are celebrating 127 years of football this year and it’s safe to say that their journey has been a turbulent and exciting one. No one can accuse Brentford of not fighting for their place in the Championship and they should be proud to have secured and maintained their position in the second division. Following on from a pattern of relegation and promotion, it’s great to see the Bees doing so well, but do we know who is responsible for their success?
The Manager         
Prior to hiring Brentford’s …

Written on 12 Dec 2016 | No Comments

The education and journey of a coach
The reaction to Ian Cathro being named as the Head Coach of Hearts has created debate amongst many in Scottish football. It is clear many still feel to be a top coach you must have both earned the right and learned the game through a professional playing career. There are of course a few notable examples of successful coaches and managers who have not played the game that should throw this argument out however it remains etched in Scottish psyche for many within the …