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That’s The 100% Home Record Gone – Peterborough United 2-3 Notts County.

29 September 2010 by

A feisty encounter, which saw both sides reduced to ten men, saw Notts County get their first away victory of the season.

Gary Johnson, on his birthday, named an unchanged side from the weekend’s fixture against MK Dons. Craig Short made changes to his side though with Rob Burch starting in goal, Kevin Smith was also brought into the starting line-up, playing the attacking midfield role in Notts County’s 4-5-1 system.

It was clear from the start that Short has set his team out to frustrate the home crowd and players and the visitors began the time-wasting right from kick-off; it was a theme that would continue throughout the match. Lee Tomlin did his best to fire Posh into the lead with an ambitious effort but his powerful shot went just wide of Burch’s far post.

The game was quiet now and very little action took place inside the first quarter of the match. Posh were struggling to break down the visitor’s resistance whilst Notts County were continuing to help their physio’s fitness levels by feigning injury over the slightest tackle.

Matt Gill then picked up a yellow card for a rash tackle on Richard Ravenhill, who did not help Gill’s case staying down until the referee brandished the card and then miraculously recovering. It was a sign of Posh’s frustration at not being able to break down the well organised visitor’s defence.

Posh’s collapse started just after the half-hour mark though. When a deep cross was put into the area there were not many Notts County players inside the box but Whelpdale, who had the opportunity to clear, completely miss-kicked his clearance to BEN DAVIES who simply blasted the ball beyond Lewis from close range.


Ben Davies inspired Notts County’s victory.

It wasn’t long before the hosts were two goals behind. Neal Bishop won the ball well in the midfield and slotted the ball into BEN DAVIES who produced a stunning finish, curling the ball beyond Lewis and into the corner of the goal. Grant McCann was the guilty party this time after he slipped at a crucial moment to allow Bishop to easily gain possession of the ball and set up Davies for his second of the match.

It was a familiar position for Peterborough United to be in and they had turned round a two goal deficit twice before this season at London Road but the first half performance was a lot different this time. There was little passing ability being shown, the hosts hadn’t threatened going forward and the tempo of Posh’s game was awful, partly due to Notts County’s tactics admittedly.

McCann, who had looked off the pace so far, was then offered the opportunity of a free-kick in a dangerous position and, as always, his delivery was exquisite putting in a deep cross that was headed home powerfully by GABRIEL ZAKUANI. This gave the home fans hope that ‘The Posh’ could mount another stunning comeback.


Zakuani has been on good form recently.

Kelvin Langmead had the chance to level things up but his header was poor and went wide of Burch’s near post. Tomlin then fired wide, from long-range, moments later as Peterborough seemed to be starting to increase the pressure on the visitors.

It was the away side that would take their game up a gear though after staving off a few Posh attacks and when Alan Judge was given too much space by Chris Whelpdale his shot tested Lewis in the Peterborough United goal. The warnings signs were there for Peterborough that ‘County’ could score again.

The visitors then thought they had increased their lead with a well worked move that resulted in a Kevin Smith tapping the ball in from close range. However, the linesman felt that Smith has made his run from an offside position and it was ruled out. Although from the resulting free-kick Notts County would extend their lead. When Lewis’ kick dropped on McCann’s foot the Northern Irish midfielder tried an extravagant flick that resulted in Posh losing possession and it was all very simply for County after that. A simple pass over the top of Gabriel Zakuani meant that CRAIG WESTCARR was given space and he finished well.


Craig Westcarr’s finish was excellent.

Johnson clearly wasn’t happy with Posh’s first half performance, he had every right to be angry too, and made two changes at the start of the second half with Charlie Lee replacing Matthew Gill, who had been completely anonymous and Mark Little coming on for Chris Whelpdale who had been exposed in an un-natural position.

Notts County, obviously told to increase their time-wasting by manager Craig Short at half-time, followed their manager’s instructions and the game was very stop-start, stopping Peterborough from gaining any sort of momentum.

Tommy Rowe almost scored a fantastic goal after hitting a dipping volley from 25 yards but it cannoned back off the cross-bar and away to safety. After this it felt like it wasn’t to be Posh’s day and that it would take a moment of brilliance to inspire a comeback.

The home side did manage to pull a goal back though after Grant McCann’s free-kick, which looked somewhat miss-hit, dipped and fell to CRAIG MACKAIL-SMITH, who was the only player on the pitch that appeared to react to the situation, and he finished well from a tight angle.


Craig Mackail-Smith grabbed his eigth goal of the season.

After being at fault for two goals but still managing to grab a couple of assists McCann was having a mixed game but the Peterborough United captain arguably cost Posh any chance of gaining three points. He lunged into an awful tackle which sparked a mass-brawl and resulted in McCann getting sent-off. Richard Ravenhill and Aaron McLean were also booked for their involvement but, from the stands, it was very hard to notice what they had done wrong through a crowd of bodies.

Moments later both sides should have been reduced to ten men however. Ravenhill, who was already on a booking, was guilty of bringing Mackail-Smith down with a cynical shirt tug after he had escaped past the Notts County back-line, in truth he would have been lucky to not have seen a straight red but the foul certainly warranted a yellow. However, the referee after speaking with his assistant, decided that Ravenhill would escape unpunished.

The visitors now were up to their usual antics more so than ever before; throwing themselves on the floor, kicking the ball away, standing in-front of Posh free-kicks, not retreating for ten yards when the hosts had a set-piece and ultimately completely stopping any flow to the game. The hapless referee though was not reacting to this and seemingly allowed Notts County to apply this behaviour, which was frustrating to all the home players, management and support, although he did warn Burch four times for time-wasting, perhaps Mr. Woolmer would have brandished a card on the fifth time but I highly doubt it.

Notts County were reduced to ten men in added time when the referee finally seemed to be stamping down on the away side’s time-wasting, brandishing three yellows and a red card (to Ravenhill) when it was too late to have any effect on the game, but Posh couldn’t create any chances of note and Notts County secured three points.

The action wasn’t finished at the final whistle though and both sides were fighting once again, this time management staff and players were involved and ugly scenes followed. It was eventually split up but both sides will no doubt be reprimanded by the F.A for failing to control their players.

It was a shame to lose in that manner but Notts County’s tactics, and the way the referee dealt with them, had some part to blame. Craig Short had clearly set his side out to, effectively, cheat their way to a draw but he would have been counting his lucky stars when they grabbed three points. It again brings up the debate whether those type of tactics is what fans want to watch but with the added pressure of football management as long as it is effective it will continue to be used.


Craig Short’s tactics were effective but certainly not entertaining.

Some blame most lie on our own team though. Grant McCann was idiotic in this tackle; not the behaviour expected from a captain and we shouldn’t have lost our discipline. Had we of kept it we may have got something out of the game.

It is again worrying that we are leaking goals, we simply can’t give teams a head-start, and Notts County came to defend yet managed to score three times. We are also developing a worrying trait that means we struggle against teams that set out to frustrate us; both Tranmere and Notts County have deployed those tactics and both have beaten us. We must find a way to scrap to victory and keep clean-sheets otherwise we will not achieve automatic promotion.

Still, we have started the season impressively and beforethis campaign had started most would have been delighted with four home wins from five games, especially looking at the calibre of the teams we have had to face in the earlier stages of the season. We are still within touching distance of top of the league and have shown many signs of promise. It’s not been a perfect start but this result doesn’t make it a disastrous one either.

Attendance: 6,136 (675 away fans)

Notts County: Burch, Thompson, Pearce, Edwards, Harley, Westcarr (Spicer, 78), Ravenhill, Bishop, Davies, Judge (Jervis, 90), Smith (Hawley, 63)

Peterborough United Player Ratings

Joe Lewis, 5 – Partly at fault for the first goal and a poor kick out for the third, even if McCann should have done better. Didn’t stand much chance with the other goal.

Chris Whelpdale, 3 – He’s not a right back and can’t defend. At fault for the first and was caught backing off his marker too many times. Substituted at half-time for Mark Little (5)

Gabriel Zakuani, 7 – Limping at the end but still managed to pull off an outstanding block and scored Posh’s first with a good header.

Kelvin Langmead, 6 – A solid, rather than spectacular, performance.

Tommy Rowe, 6 – Unlucky not to score. Limping towards the end of the game and defensively was shown up on a couple of occasions.

Lee Tomlin, 7 – A constant threat but didn’t have much in the way of service. He is making the step up with ease and is looking an impressive talent. Substituted for Nathaniel Mendez-Laing in 88th minute

Grant McCann, 2 – Stupidly sent off and at fault for two goals that Posh conceded.

Matthew Gill, 3 – Pretty much anonymous in his time on the pitch. Substituted for Charlie Lee at half-time (5)

George Boyd, 4 – Isn’t playing anywhere near to his usual standards at the minute.

Aaron McLean, 6 – Didn’t do much in-front of goal but put in a lot of effort.

Craig Mackail-Smith, 7 – Tireless effort meant that he deserved his goal. Looked a forlorn figure at the end.

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  • Will Barrow

    The worst and most biased blog I’ve read for a long time.
    Posh were both poor when things weren’t going their way they played dirty.
    Notts played Posh off the park in the first half with possession split around 70%/30%.
    as for the accusations of time wasting, almost 10 minutes of added time played played says you are wrong and are just parroting what you’ve read elsewhere.
    The ref clearly had a blue vest under that shirt as he gave Notts nothing and took away a perfectly good goal.
    Oh well, the better side on the day won.

  • oldposhpete

    “Chris Whelpdale who had been exposed in an un-natural position.”

    Are you sure you want to use that phrase John? (Or is it just my dirty mind putting another connotation on it? (It reminds me of Stan Collymore and his canine antics)).

  • John Verrall (author)

    Right Will, so presuming you were at the game, you are claiming you could spot an off-side decision from the other side of the pitch? Whilst ignoring the fact Ravenhill should have been sent off moments after McCann was for an awful tackle.

    If i’ve read this all elswhere, which I haven’t, it means that others seem to have this opinion as well does it not? Which just means that it can’t be the most biased article/blog you’ve read.

    Not sure I agree you were the better side, I thought the game was very stop-start as a result of your tactics, but you were more clinical than us in-front of goal certainly.

    OPP, I think it’s just your mind! 😉

  • oldposhpete

    Will Barrow – I presume you are literate.

    Right at the top of the page it quite clearly says:

    ‘The Peterborough United Blog’.

    Of course it will be biased towards the Posh, it is written about the Posh by a Posh fan.

    You obviously saw quite clearly, from 100 yards away, (assuming you were at the game), that the County player was not off-side if you think that goal should have been allowed.

    Posh also had a goal disallowed for off-side, I don’t see any Posh fans moaning about that one.

  • WellyPie

    On behalf of Craig Short and his management team, i would just like to sincerely apologise that it appears they set out tactics with the aim of stopping you from winning the game.

    We at Notts appreciate now that we should’ve turned up at London Road with the sole intention of lying down for you to spank us.

    Gimme a break fella.

    “Finally seemed to be stamping down on the time wasting”? You were given FOUR MINUTES on top of the combined seven minutes injury time from both halves, and we had a lad sent off for time wasting. You can’t possibly claim the referee didn’t aid you along the way last night.

    It speaks volumes of your apparently new found arrogance that many of you had the nerve to claim YOU have the poor officials after last night’s display.

    Not to say Ricky deserved to stay on the field, that baffled all of us, but you were still given enough chances to fight back.

  • John Verrall (author)

    Of course I don’t expect you turn up and roll over but if you cheat by time-wasting etc I am not going to ignore it am I? If we came to Meadow Lane and played in that way you would be saying exactly the same.

    I honestly don’t see how you can claim that the ref was on our side last night? You had a lad sent of for time-wasting because he smashed the ball away yet you did this all game and didn’t get one booking for it up until the end.

    We’re not arrogant we believe we’ve got a chance of making the automatic spots with the squad we have; that’s not arrogance that’s just stating an opinion.

  • The Hare

    John, John,….get over it. We scored 3, you scored 2…end of.(FACT)
    ps…you must stop hoofing the ball up to either CMS or AM or more teams will find you out as we did after 30 mins.

  • Bridg4d_Pie_

    Well what can I say as a Football Team Posh were poor,I suspect they still have viions of Championship Grandeur & expects every team they play to lay down infront of them & surrender. Their Manager Gary Johnson obviously likes to hear the sound of his own voice judging by his pathetic criticism of Notts County. There is only one way now Gary & It aint up.



  • John Verrall (author)

    I don’t see what there is to get over? You came on here stating how biased it was, I replied back. That’s not bitter that’s just stating an argument back.

    We will see what the result is back at Meadow Lane.

  • Scarborough_magpie

    So let me get this straight, we cheated by playing tactics you couldnt cope with? ‘Some’ of the blame on your team? No son, ALL the blame is on your team for not winning as you didnt play well enough. That tackle on Judge was potentially career ending and the brawl involved BOTH parties and would never have happened if your captain didnt do that simply appauling tackle in the first place. As for the ref, he missed the headbutt on Ravenhill in the first place, then sent him off for time wasting, which is a common tactic in the later stages of a game when the score is tight.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Never have I seen such a bunch of sore losers.

  • Rugby Magpie

    Face it boys you were beaten by the better team.

    We had 62% of the possession to your 38% – that is dominant for a home team let alone an away team. You had one long range shot first half and we could have concievably had 5 by half time. Our disallowed goal was thankfully irrelevant but looking at the replay it looked legitimate.

    We had 3 attacking midfielders playing behind a guy up front and it was these 3 that tore you apart and scored the goals.

    This is just sour grapes – we turned up and beat you tactically, played better football and we were the stronger team. The worst tackles of the night all came form Peterborough players and you could have had a man sent off first half for a challenge very much like the one that saw red second half.

    You are upset because we didn’t roll over and have our bellies tickled like veryone else has obviously done at London Road. Just accept you lost the game because we were better.

    At the end of the day it was one game in a 46 game season – we are not saying we are neccessarily a better team than you – you are rightfully near the top of the table and will be there or thereabouts in May – but we were the best team last night with question.

  • Plum

    This all cracks me up!
    You need to sort out your multiball system before you start moaning about time wasting!
    I lost count of the number of times your ball boys scrambled to get the ball back to a blue shirt, but took ages to get it back to us. I actually commented on this during the game.
    I don’t condone the violence, and both clubs should be dealt with, but I do blame the ref for lots of it.
    He was right to send of McCann, no idea why Ravenhill didn’t go for his tug, maybe cos your striker was no where near getting the ball in reality.
    There was 10 mins injury time played in the second half, so what more do you want?
    Tactics, we stopped you playing. As for diving, ask CMS about running backwards swinging elbows into the centre half, then falling over, cos that’s pretty much all he did most of the game. The other striker was even worse. It was only a matter of the law of averages before he got a free kick from one of them.
    I got the impression you thought you were invincible at home and didn’t like not being allowed to play. We outplayed you in the first half and coped with your hoooooof in the second.
    The ref caused all of the trouble.

  • Posh 2 Pies 3

    You fail to mention ‘McLean was guilty of a clear headbutt which should have resulted in a red card after the McCann sending off, but this went unpunished’. I’ll add that one here for completeness.

    Oh, and your ground is anything but posh. WHAT A DUMP!!

  • Porkypie

    You must have been watching a different game to me last night. Posh were played off the park last night by a decent Notts team that were clearly underestimated by your manager, fans and players. Look forward to the re-match at fortress meadow lane where you can expect to be soundly beaten again.

  • John Verrall (author)

    I didn’t see the McLean head-butt, as I say there was a huge crowd in-front of me, I was over the other side of the pitch.

    The ball-boys were fine it was just that our players actually caught the ball when it was thrown to them whereas yours seemed to have an inability to catch.

    I find it funny how fans from different sides manage to see the game so differently from each other, I would like to see a neutral’s opinion.

    Even if our striker was nowhere near the ball it’s still a deliberate foul and therefore a yellow card. I have said McCann’s tackle was awful.

    Our ground might be a dump but we’re improving it and at least it doesn’t have a better one about 100 metres to the side of it.

  • Plum

    Oooooh throwing in a F-word jibe cos you are stuck! Imagine how bad your club would be if you had a “big brother” team next to yours! You are the only team in your city and your attendances is awful.
    6814 in a city of one team? Ours, is 7024 in a city of two teams! Move on with that one son.

    Oh and I loved a post on one of your boards about your fans being fantastic last night!!
    I heard them twice, oddly one song after both goals. There were about half a dozen making a soft noise for about 30 seconds. It must be like a grave yard most games.

  • John Verrall (author)

    The atmosphere doesn’t carry at London Road. It sounds very loud in either terrace but doesn’t get much further than that.

    Our home following isn’t great but that is partly down to our ticket prices. £25 is too expensive for an adult to sit, especially if they turned up to MK Dons which is a bigger game at the weekend, as that would have been £50 just in ticket prices in four days.

    You only took 600 fans here last night, I can assure you we will take far more than that to yours. Our away support is generally excellent.

  • Plum

    As for the ball boys, EVERY time it was a Posh throw it was to their hands. EVERY time we had a throw it was bowled to us along the floor or bouncing.

  • Plum

    and the cost being relevant? We are £23 and we have a bigger game against Wednesday on Saturday. You are not the only team with three games in a week. We have three away games in 7 days. Maybe you should play all of your games away from home so your fans will come.

  • John Verrall (author)

    Of course the cost is relevant. If we let people in for free we would have far more. If we charged more than we currently do we would get less.

    Perhaps the Sheffield Wednesday game is the reason why your away turn-out was so poor then?

  • Scarborough_magpie

    Poor? 700 on a tuesday night is pretty damn good to be fair. Credit were its due.

    Please do get over yourself.

  • Wendies

    can I give a neutral opinion?

    I was in Peterborough for the night with nothing to do, so since we play them on Sat I thought I’d go and get a view of our oppo.

    Firstly, yes, the blog is biased, understandably so, I think, as you are a posh fan. Time wasting from kick off?? Hmmmmmmmm! I also have to admit that I thought Posh were a bit cynical with the multiball system, although it’s not the only place I’ve seen that happen.

    As for the match, I thought the game was won in midfield. I thought Notts’ midfield were immense and ran rings round Posh. Were the wingers and the little guy who was fouled interchanging, because I thought it confused your team terribly. The Mccann foul was truly awful…but one of their players should have been sent off as was pointed out. However, that goal ruled offside of theirs was a mile onside…so it probably evened out. They did start to timewaste at the end and had someone sent off for it, and the ref definitely added on extra time to the injury time, so you didn’t lose out on that score, although it did make the game a bit stop/start midway through the second half, but tempers were running high at that time.

    I thought the game was brilliant value for money….nice to see a bit of passion, although I expect both sides will be penalised for it.

    One more thing…You should have been down to 9….I’m convinced I saw a headbutt!

  • andy6025

    “Craig Short had clearly set his side out to, effectively, cheat their way to a draw…”

    That’s hilarious. Where was the cheating? Oh yeah – they were slow to toss the ball into play on throw-ins… of course. That must be why it ended 3-2. With player ratings on Peterborough like 3, 2, 3, 4, and 6, you should have easily won!!! Damn those referees!!!

  • John Verrall (author)

    I haven’t, at one point, said that if the ref was any better we would have won. The fact is we were poor last night.

    The cheating was from time-wasting, diving, feigning injuries, not re-treating ten yards, kicking the ball away… the list goes on.

  • fozzy

    Notts, fair play but we gifted you that result through awful defending and this time we couldn’t play against 14 men-no team can do that every home game.

    we took 1500 to your place IN LEAGUE 2 and IN DECEMBER ON A TUESDAY NIGHT. sorry lads but your support is pretty shocking.

  • Will Barrow

    Of course I expect bias but there are degrees and yours pushes the envelope.
    The offside was clear on the TV footage, the ref has assistants to help him with this sort of thing and he got it wrong, your offside goal was in fact offside so no need to worry about that one.
    Thought Ravenhill should have got a yellow but you should have been down to 9 men for the head-butt before that.
    You(as a team) clearly have an over inflated opinion of how good you actually are because you were definitely second best.
    As for the attendance it always pisses me off when localish games are on week nights, I know it means there isn’t as far to travel in a week night but I’m sure we’d have brought at least double the 675 if the game had been on a Saturday.

  • WellyPie

    “The cheating was from time-wasting, diving, feigning injuries, not re-treating ten yards”

    You REALLY are clutching now fella. Diving and feigning injuries? Give ONE example. Not retreating ten yards? Tell me we were the only side to do that last night, and do it with a straight face. Diving?

    Time wasting? I couldn’t care less. EVERY team in the history of football EVER slows the play down when they’re in the lead. You’re dillusional if you believe you haven’t, or won’t do it this season.

    You take defeat worse than ANY of the little League Two outfits we took out last year.

  • Elite_Pie

    Have to say I enjoyed reading this ‘report’, mainly because it shows that the defeat hurt pretty badly. As fans we all have a degree of bias, but most of us manage to keep it out of the public domain. I’m afraid that drama queen phrases like “Craig Short had clearly set his side out to, effectively, cheat their way to a draw…” just make you look pathetic. My advice is that you grow a pair, and take defeat like a man rather than a 10 year old schoolgirl. This should definitely be filed under ‘Fiction’.

  • John Verrall (author)

    There were numerous incidents throughout the game. Ravenhill went down clutching his head on more than one occasion, Westcarr had the physio on about three times before walking onto the pitch absolutely fine (although he did go off legitimately injured in the end), one of your centre backs did it as well and so did Smith, who also went down holding his head before running on fine moments later.

    Judge was guilty of diving on more than one occasion.

    As for time-wasting, perhaps that’s our problem we don’t do it often enough. We are naive as a football club in that way, of course we do on the odd occasion but it’s not a regular thing.

    Exeter and Bournemouth are the teams that I have the most respect for, out of the ones we have played so far this season, both played the game in a fair manner, didn’t time waste, and played passing, attacking football rather than trying to go out to spoil the game. We only took one point out of those games as well which proves you can attack us, try to create an entertaining game, and still gain points.

  • John Verrall (author)

    Answer me this then, is time-wasting not classed as cheating now? It’s against the rules and therefore is. You were time wasting in the first ten minutes, one of the first clubs to do that I have to say so congratulations.

    I went on your forum and some of yours fans were saying that scenes like the one at the end shows character, unity and passion. For me it shows un-proffesionalism more than anything else. It shouldn’t have happened and both sides are to blame.

    This style of football is becomming more and more common against the better sides. There is so much pressure on managers to get results they put that before playing football in the right manner. Simple fact is time- wasting is cheating, it’s against the rules.

  • RugbyMagpie

    John Verrall – you are a sore, bitter lose – get over yourself.

    Time wasting – you really are clutching at straws. You got to play for 100 minutes so you had all the time back and more.

    You will be more than happy if you come to Meadow Lane and turn in a performance like we put in last night. Read it again 62% possession to 38% in our favour. We OUTCLASSED YOU and got our lead and held on with a determined second half performance when YOU WENT HOOFBALL.

    700 is respectable for a Tuesday night after a run of 3 away games in a week for the second team of the City. We’ll have more tahn 6100 home fans at Meadow Lane for the return.

  • John Verrall (author)

    I give up with you lot. What am I supposed to say? I’ve said we were poor, I’ve said McCann deserved to get sent off, I’ve said that even with a better referee we would have still lost, I’ve said that we need to learn against teams that play with your system…

    I just haven’t ignored the fact that you cheated. Time-wasting is cheating, no two ways about it. I’m not going to credit this a great tactical performance because it frustrates me when teams play this way.

  • Elite_Pie

    John, I really don’t think football is the right sport for you. If you get so upset when a group of nasty men beat your fair and honourable boys, maybe you should take up knitting instead.

  • Plum

    Time wasting, cheating or professionalism. Read the Wednesday fans view of your multi ball system. Backs up my point totally. A lot of the time wasting from throw ins, goal kicks etc was partly down to your ball boys. Lets be honest hear, ball boy are no longer young fans getting a special day, they are youth team players who are instructed exactly what to do.
    Problem last night was you were chasing the game, meaning your plan didn’t work. They obviously didn’t have the brain to figure out that they needed to give us the ball back quickly too.
    Would you have not dnoe the same had you been one goal up in injury time? Smash it into row z, run it into the corner etc? Yes is the answer.
    You can’t change the rules cos you need to chase a game rather than protect a lead.
    Read the Wednesday fans comments, he is spot on and fair from both sides.
    Smiths goal was yards on side, so it was 2-4!! The Sun will publish the correct score tomorrow!!

  • Will Barrow

    Time wasting in the first 10 minutes? You’re having a laugh surely?
    Timewasting is against the rules but not as seriously as headbutting and flying in with tackles like your captain who was clearly trying to cheat, if we’re going to get into the whole cheating thing then 12 fouls, 2 yellows and a red is not what you’d expect from a team that wasn’t cheating is it?

  • Don Key Punch

    Generally one of the most pathetic series of post-blog comments I’ve ever read. County fans totally blinded by their view of events and Posh fans exactly the same.

    Was at the game as a neutral (scouting) and have to say that almost every comment posted so far is basically wrong. In particular the comments about multi ball are sheer fantasy! Ball boys were desperate to give a ball to County players, but County players seemed to (deliberately?) ignore balls that were already on the pitch! It is prohibited for a ball boy to throw another ball onto the pitch when there is already a ball on there yet Notts players kept asking for ages before someone (normally a Posh player actually) kicked the other ball off the pitch again. This was very frustrating to watch.
    County were not timewasting in the first half, they were tearing Posh apart. Could have been more than 3 goals in all honesty.
    McCann tackle was pretty bad but not the worst I’ve seen. Craig Short should have followed him to the stand though. Since when can managers charge on to the pitch and stir up trouble? He must have been on the pitch for at least 2 mins for no reason!
    Must confess I didn’t see the McLean alleged headbutt so can’t comment.
    Second half County clearly WERE timewasting. The goalie was really winding up Posh fans with his slow motion saves – quite funny actually but he should probably have been booked earlier.
    No idea how on earth County stayed at 11 men after Mackail-Smith was pulled down. Not even a booking was one of the most b affling decisions I’ve ever seen and I reckon the ref has to take his fair share of the blame for what ultimately happened at full time.
    Summary: A very weird game. County on top completely in first half where Posh looked clueless. 2nd half looked like Posh would get back despite County’s best efforts to make the game as slow as possible, until McCann’s red card. Should have been 10 vs 10 very shortly after that but ref somehow missed it and it was then a dirty, niggly game that ended in a mass brawl.
    A great night out!

  • chris sutton

    im a posh fan….i hav neva agreed with time wasting, n yes we still hav a very leaky defence….but 5 goals in a local derby, cards, fights, cheating…. this is wot footy is all about these days….but im sure that no one agrees with time wasteing if there on the loosing side, but they do if there on the winning side….its just one game lads….get over it…..cus we are still going up! 😉

  • WellyPie

    “Since when can managers charge on to the pitch and stir up trouble?”

    The video footage shows that isn’t the case.

  • Wendies

    I have to say in response to the other neutral (scout) report that I did see the multi-ball differently. It seemed to me that the second ball on the pitch scenario happened when it disadvantaged Notts. I remember clearly thinking at the time that I was surprised the ref didn’t do anything about it earlier. Like I say though I’ve seen it happen at our away matches too, so it’s something that all teams will have to wise up about.

    There is no doubt Notts time-wasted to the best of their ability for most of the second half, but again, I’m hard pushed to find another team that wouldn’t do the same with a slim lead.

    One more thing. What made the refs performance even more laughable was I think it was the same player for Notts who should have been off for the shirt pull, who was red carded later for time-wasting. For that booking he kicked the ball away literally a fraction of a second after the whistle had gone! It was a bizarre refereeing spectacle for both teams in all honesty. Have any charges been brought?

  • Wendies

    Oh, and I thought the Notts manager came onto the pitch after he saw the head-butt. I won’t say 100 percent it was a head-butt and contact was made but it certainly looked that way to me. He shouldn’t have gone onto the pitch but I thought he was trying to stop an all out fight breaking out there and then since the ref was clearly incapable of doing so.

    I have no reason to support either team here, I’m only giving my opinion and I’m sure the scout present has more footballing knowledge than I have, but, especially in the first half I thought Notts midfield were superb, and I worry for us on Sat if they play like that!

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