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Does it all really add up?

Stop the clocks, silence the rumours, Tranmere Rovers have released there squad numbers for the coming season.

New Rovers keeper Owain Fon Williams respectively becomes the clubs new number 1, with Zoumana Bakayogo taking number 3. Andy Robinson moves to 11 while Joss Labadie is now number 4.

Presumably if you’re still reading this by now you’ve patiently resisted the easy way out and clicked off this article, after reading only what can be described as pointless information. So pointless in fact, even the ‘stattos’ of this world, would contemplate clicking off and furthering there interests in ‘The top ten footballing beards of all time.’

Fear thee not confused readers, I am not writing to just educate you on The Super White armies squad numbers for the eagerly anticipated forthcoming season, but also to give a personal perspective of the footballing big egos, whose numbers add up to more than there transfer value.

In all fairness to the Rovers, this season they have kept their squad numbers at a sensible rate. Youngster Max Power comes in at number 20, as the highest ranked squad number.

In contrast however, the clichés in bizarre numbers include Nicholas Anelka who’s bared the shirt on for his last 3 clubs at number 39, whilst after three seasons of conforming to the squad number code at Arsenal. Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner decided it would be a good idea to change his squad number of 26 to 52. Asked why, Bendtner stated “It’s a special number and I hope it brings me good luck” if Bendtner regards good luck as being the biggest disappointment since Gary Neville was confirmed as the next Sky Sports pundit, then the number 52 has served him efficently well.

Fully aware that I perhaps resemble the moaning Grandad in the stand blowing his pipe, who clearly hasn’t come to turns with the smoking ban, and questions why all the footballers nowadays are ‘Puffs’. None the less, I feel it is appropriate to dip into the archive of football and take note that footballers during the ‘good old days’ pulled on the shirt with their number being 1-11, in regards to their position, rather than the number of pies they’ve eaten , Egyptian misfit Mido stand up and be counted as he attempted to don the number 99, but for it to be blocked by the governing body.

So if you’re finding it difficult to spot ‘The big time Charlies’, those that are that desperate to be recognised, or perhaps the ‘Fattys’ of the footballing world, have a look at their squad number. It will easily identify these pitiful qualities.

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