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adidas launch the new Predator LZ football boot

Some of the English Premier League’s leading stars, like Manchester United’s Nani, Manchester City’s Samir Nasri, and this seasons’ Premier League top goalscorer Robin Van Persie, are set to gain even more control of the ball thanks to the new adidas Predator LZ football boot, the 12th version of the famous predator boot.

The Predator LZ is lightweight, weighing just 225 grammes, and is made from a newly engineered Hybridtouch upper which combines the benefits of leather and synthetic, giving comfort, stability, reduced water uptake and the highest quality feel in all weather conditions.  The LZ stands for Lethal Zones and this is where the boot comes into its own, with the five lethal zones offering perfect ball control.

The five, super-light (SL) rubber and memory foam 3-D zones, are each designed to support perfect ball control. Adidas themselves have given the following descriptions for each zone

  • Dribble is voodoo. Leave a trail of spellbound defenders behind.
  • First Touch is magnetic. The ball can’t resist its grip. Kill the ball with one move and kill them with the     next.
  • Sweet Spot is a sniper who can curve a bullet. Take aim, fire and wait for the crowds to explode.
  • Drive is a sledgehammer. Take a swing and nail that explosive long pass.
  • Pass is a skeleton key, opening any defense with speed and precision.

In reality the First Touch Zone acts as a cushioning platform to give immediate ball contact; the Drive Zone is designed to give greater power and distance; the Dribble Zone provides optimum grip on the ball for extra control; the Pass Zone ensures a greater consistency and precision of pass; while the Sweet Spot Zone has raised ribs designed to generate greater spin and pace.

The boot has been designed after input from both top professionals and amateurs to ensure it will satisfy all the needs of the all-round attacking footballer who is comfortable on the wing, or coming through the middle.

The stars themselves talk highly of the boots. Nani states that the “boots are light, comfortable, and help me with ball control whether I’m passing, shooting or dribbling”, and Van Persie has praised their contribution to his all round game, saying that, “the five areas on the boot cover where players touch and strike the ball and the design works to maximise accuracy, power and control”.

The Predator LZ has a cavity in the soleplate for the players who want to take advantage of the adidas miCoach technology which lets players track their performance statistics such as distance, sprint count and maximum speed, then wirelessly transfer the data to a mobile phone or PC.

The new Predator LZ football boots are available now to pre-order at and will be on sale worldwide from June 1st 2012.

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