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Altıntop up for final challenge

Hamit Altıntop is looking beyond the Semi Final with Germany and believes Turkey can go all the way and win EURO 2008. “If we believe in ourselves we can win the tournament,” – Turkey have believed in themselves the whole way to come from behind in 3 successive games it takes extreme belief so will they go all the way?

Altıntop covered a massive 14.21kms during the quarter final with Croatia the most of anyone on the pitch. He became the playmaker of the team after Mehmet Topal came off the ground and played extremely well in an unpreferred postion. Altintop also provided the sealer in the penalty shoot out netting the final goal in a 3-1 shoot out win this is what he had to say about it:

“We played well as a team and reaching the semi-final is the important thing. It’s vital to be cold-blooded in shoot-outs – you mustn’t show nerves in football. If we carry on this way, and believe in ourselves, we can win the tournament.”

Altintop believes they can beat Germany but preparation is the key:

It’s important that we rest first and then we can analyse Germany with our coach,” he said. “We can beat anybody if we prepare ourselves properly. All the team showed tonight that it’s important to believe in ourselves, in what’s right, and in what our coach tells us. If we continue like this we shouldn’t fear any team.”

Altintop was the man of the match and provided a key role in their win. Turkey on to the semi finals after having 7 first team regulars out that show depth. It will be a big showdown with the Germans and things could get firey.

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