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And now, the end is near

These past few weeks have been like watching a loved one slowly die.

You want to help, but you know there’s nothing you can do to stop the inevitable.

Sunday’s surrender at White Hart Lane left Rovers needing a miracle – and they’re in short supply around these parts.

Even if they can overcome Wigan, there’s still the small matter of a last day trip to Stamford Bridge. Don’t be fooled by those who say they’ll be taking it easy ahead of the Champions League final – their demolition of QPR proves otherwise.

All of which leaves us with the prospect of trips to the likes of Barnsley and Peterborough next year. The more optimistic types will tell you relegation will mean a guaranteed six points against Burnley next season. With Kean and Venky’s still at the helm it wouldn’t be wise to wager any hard earned cash on that.

Whether they both stay remains to be seen. The Sunday People claims Venky’s are trying to sell the club –  they say they’re not, with Rovers director Vineeth Rao stating, “It is not true, none of that. We have no plans to sell Blackburn Rovers, none at all. Even if the club got relegated, which is not in our thoughts, we are not planning to sell.”

Relegation not in their thoughts? Is there no end to the level they’ll stoop to try and insult the fans’ intelligence?

Kean once again gave us his ‘I know better than you’ act as he hit back at comments made by pundits about the performance at Spurs. For some strange reason it’s taken too long for much of the media to break ranks when it comes to criticising Kean, but Gary Neville, Ray Wilkins and Glenn Hoddle finally stepped up to the mark and told it how it is.

Perhaps now the rest will follow and crank the pressure up on both the owners and manager. It’s clear neither have paid any attention to the views of the fans – maybe they’ll listen to experienced professionals.

Whatever the final two games of the season brings, much needs to change at Ewood. New ownership would be a good start. If, as they claim, the club won’t be sold then accepting they made a huge mistake appointing Kean and replacing him with a proper manager, would be the first small step towards building bridges with the fans. This needs to be followed by a decent level of investment in the squad regardless of which division the club ends up in.

The next few weeks will tell us much about the direction the club are heading. If things stay as they are then League One in 12 months time is a very real possibility.


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