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Why Arsenal need to sell Fabregas & Nasri to progress as a club

Until a few years ago, the so called ‘Top 4’ dominated the Premier League. This consisted of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool & Arsenal, and all these teams were basically guaranteed a Champions League place due to the strength of their squad compared to others in the league. Now, moneybags Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspur have been added to the equation and many football fans & pundits think that Arsenal will be the team to suffer from this and possibly drop out of the Champions League places.


Now for all of the good Arsene Wenger has put into Arsenal, he is losing the plot. Many people would think that I am referring to his stubbornness on not making any big name signings or getting out the chequebook, the club failing to win any trophies over the past few years or numerous spats with coaches over the last few years, most notably Kenny Dalglish & Alan Pardew. However, I am talking about an issue that will anger many Arsenal fans. Wenger has to sell Fabregas & Nasri now to progress as a club.


Cesc Fabregas is a quality player but a move to his beloved Barcelona is inevitable in the next few years. This transfer saga has been going on for years and is now becoming a bit boring & this speculation will increase the Spaniard’s desire to return to his club and the place he was developed as a footballer. With Barcelona trying to push through a transfer soon, Wenger is refusing to sell the Arsenal captain for anything less than £40million pounds, while Barcelona have put in a bid for £27million pounds. If the player wants to go, why keep a clearly unhappy player at the club.


The same could be said for Samir Nasri, but in his case Arsenal have to sell him before this transfer window closes and risk losing him on a free transfer at the end of the season when his contract expires. Manchester City, Manchester United & Inter Milan have all been linked to the French player of the year, but as with Fabregas, Wenger is refusing to sell. This time last year, Arsenal fans would have gladly seen the back of the former Marseille captain, but after proving his worth to the side last year with countless  goals and assists, many fans are  divided on whether they should keep a player whose brilliance has won them many matches or sell while they can unless he commits to the Gunners.


If they sell Fabregas for a fee of around £35million pounds and Nasri for £25million pounds, that will give them £60million pounds more to spend on top of their current transfer budgets and sells of fringe players, such as the over confident but not so great striker Nicklas Bendtner. With that budget, Arsenal could get about 5 quality players in for that money, namely centre backs Chris Samba (Blackburn), Gary Cahill (Bolton) or Phil Jagielka (Everton), wingers Juan Manuel Mata (Valencia), Eden Hazard (Lille) or Alex Chamberlain (Southampton) plus other big name signings, such as Real Madrid strikers Karim Benzema or Gonzalo Higuain.


For all of their worth to Arsenal, is it right to keep two clearly unhappy players at the club in Fabregas & Nasri? The answer is no, as this will disrupt the harmony at the club, especially with Fabregas being captain & an uncertainty that even if Nasri stays beyond August, they risk losing a quality player for nothing. With a squad that I deem not good enough for a Champions League spot this season at the minute, these departures will free up more funds & if Wenger decides to do a rarity and use this money to sign 4 or 5 quality players that will make a difference, Arsenal will be contenders again, but until that moment happens, however unlikely, Arsenal will not progress as a club.


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  1. Peter

    5 August, 2011 at 20:12

    The issue is that Fabregas wants to go back to Barcelona and they are undervalueing him. If he was sold on the open market could easily get £40m I think. But you are right, sell him now rather than him having a negative impact on the team.

  2. John

    5 August, 2011 at 20:45

    Don’t forget to switch off your computer when you’ve finished playing your football manager game.


    5 August, 2011 at 20:56

    hahaha wat losers! U guys havnt been trophyles 4 a few yrs mate! Haha u wish! Its more like 6 goin on2 7yrs lol. Funny as but true. Thats fact.


    5 August, 2011 at 21:00

    haha wat losers! U guys havnt been trophyles 4 a few yrs? More like 6 goin on2 7yrs girls! U guys r a joke, lol a few yrs? Hahaha u wish! U guys cudnt even buy a trophy the emirates cup dat was meant 4 u n cudnt even win dat wit da crap teams u invited in2 dat hahaha now dats fact!


    5 August, 2011 at 21:10

    il b willing 2 repeat it a 3rd time if u gals want so u can get it thru ur heads! Hahaha

  6. arsenal zindabad

    5 August, 2011 at 22:48

    oh lol, says the fan who have been spending endless amounts of money and not gotten anywhere…. Hahahaha,, dont fret, u guys just might defeat barca and take the la liga in the next 10 yrs…

  7. arsenal zindabad

    5 August, 2011 at 22:51

    THe point here is i totally agree that we should sell Nasri atleast, get the money and go for Mata or someone like felaini, and also get a hold of Barton, hes on a free, his experience inside the dressing room will be huge. The only problem arsenal has had is that they do not have the proper leader who can scream and shout and tell his team-mates to ‘WAKE UP’. vermaelen or Persie could have the arm band, but we need a barton in the mid-field.

  8. Jamali

    5 August, 2011 at 23:28

    I agree 100% with the writer. Fabregas the captain, has no faith in the squad and manager to win trophies. He’s at his peak and Barca is willing to pay top money for him. The longer you wait, the less he’ll be worth. And Barca isn’t exactly wealthy right now. Plus, Fabregas only wants to go to Barca and nowhere else. From the looks of things, I say Barca is firmly in the driving seat. Arsenal only have 2 realistic choices. Accept Barca’s offer for less than their valuation of the player or keep your captain who clearly doesn’t want to hang around the Emirates. Barca on the other hand has time to kill. They don’t have a pressing need for him right now so don’t exactly feel the need to up their offer.

    For Nasri, he’s perfectly willing to sit on his contract and go on a free next season. Either way. Arsenal is screwed. You have your main midfield pairing who can’t wait to jump ship. It’ll definitely have a detrimental effect on the team.

    If Arsenal sell them now, 30+mil + 22+mil, they’ll have the cash to reinvest. Just don’t buy another busload of kids. Anyway most people doesn’t think Arsenal has the team to win the EPL this season. Throw the kids into the deep end and just accept this as a transitional season, rebuilding stage.

    Seriously, Arsenal is not exactly poor. Once in a while you gotta break the bank to realize your ambition. If not, you’ll just remain pretenders.

  9. Shaun

    6 August, 2011 at 18:10

    Sell both. Fabregas because he is replaceable, Wilshere and Ramsey were more than accommplished at the end of last season. Unfortunately sell Nasri too although I think his loss is probably going to have more of a detrimental effect on Arsenal, he scored so many vital goals and created more than any other Arsenal player. Fabregas isn’t the player he was 2 and a half years ago, you’re right in that his valuation is only going to go down along with his actual ability. The problem is Wenger and his anti-big-spend philsophy. In the past he has spent big and it’s not always worked out for him: Reyes, Arshavin, Wiltord etc were never as successful as Arsenal would have liked them to be. Nasri was the highest transfer fee that Wenger has forked out in his time there so it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to let him go.

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