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Austria-Croatia minute by minute


Austria – Croatia 0:1 (0:1)

Ernst Happel stadium, Vienna

referee: Pieter Vink (Holland)

temperature: 21 °C

goalscorers: 0:1 Modrić (4′, penalty)

Austria: Macho, Prödl, Stranzl, Pogatetz, Aufhauser, Säumel (61′ Vastić), Standfest, Gercaliu (69′ Korkmaz), Ivanschitz (c), Linz (74′ Kienast), Harnik

Croatia: Pletikosa, Ćorluka, Å imunić, R. Kovač, Pranjić, Srna, N.Kovač (c), Modrić, Kranjčar (61′ Knežević), Olić (82′ Vukojević), Petrić (72′ Budan)

1′ – lasts the primary interrogation of opponent’s forces, but on the stands Croatians lead

3′ – the first corner kick for Croatia went through without danger for the host

4′ – from these minute even those Croatians who are on the field lead

Olić was fouled on the left side of the penalty area by Aufhauser, Pogatetz gets a yellow card for protesting after Vink has shown on the white spot

Modrić scores! Croatia leads!

10′ – the first ten minutes is behind us. Vatreni still have the lead. In this moment we have 61% possession of the ball

15′ – Srna performs a corner kick from the left side. Olić nearly misses

21′ – Säumel earns yellow card for taking Niko Kovač down. Srna hits the wall from the free kick

27′ – the first nuisance in front of Croatian goal. Ivanschitz crossed from the left side, but Prödl sends the ball far from goal

29′ -  Pogatetz pulled Olić’s shirt and then hit him after Olić dribbled him.  Vink stayed quiet although it was foul on the fringe for the red card, and hasn’t shown even yellow!

35′ – Ćorluka made an excellent cross, Petrić tried from first from the volley, but the shot wasn’t precise

36′ – Austrians have five shots towards the goal,but none of them wasn’t especially dangerous

40′ – the host is playing like crazy. Harnik searched for Linz, but Å imunić managed to throw the ball out in the last moment

45′ – the end of the first half.

The second half:

48′ – Austrians started the second half as expected: extremely aggressive and that Croatia from the start of the atch is not here anymore

51′ – the first yellow card for Croatia, for Niko Kovač

57′ – the host still keeps Croatia under pressure. Luckily, Pletikosa doesn’t have to work too much, but worrying is that our strikers arecut off and midfield is unsure

60′ – Luka Modrić felt that Croatia needs to be pulled. He works really hard and manged to chase off Austrians from our 50 meters

61′ – Hickersberger sends in Vastić instead of Säumel. As expected, he’s looking for an equalizing goal. Bilić answered immediately with his substitution: Knežević for Kranjčar

68′ – a yellow card for Prödl. He hanged himself on Olić, who was making troubles for the host with his speed

71′ – Croatia managed to establish the balance by some point. Ivanschitz shots from far, inexactly, but reminds us to be careful

72′ – the second Bilić’s move: Budan for Petrić

74′ – Austrian coach made all substitutions: Gercaliu and Linz out, Korkmaz and Kienast in

78′ – Vastić tries from shorten corner, Pletikosa boxes and Harnik shots over the goal

79′ – Harnik again. Shots with head from the edge of the box, but our goalkeeper managed to stop it

81′ – the last move of our coach: Olić out, Vukojević in

86′ – Karkmaz targets from far, but Pletikosa saves one more time

90′ – referee adds three minutes of injury time. Kienast tries with header, but luckily unpreciseelly and we’re waiting for the end

It’s all over. Croatia has succeeded in defending and the first three points are here!

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