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BÄ…k looking for the big 100

Stand in Captain Jacek BÄ…k is looking to make history by becoming the first Polish international to reach 100 caps. The 35 year old BÄ…k will play his 97 game against Croatia.

If Poland could go all the way to the final or if BÄ…k would continue to play after Euro he may still make the 100 but Polish records already have the legendary duo of Kazimierz Deyna (null) and Grzegorz Lato (null) over 99 but according to official FIFA records a number of their caps were awarded during Olympic tournaments and are therefore not accepted as full internationals.

Jacek BÄ…k on possibly making the magical 100:

“I never counted on playing so many matches for the Polish team; I’m close to the magic 100,” the FK Austria Wien veteran. “I had this plan to reach 100 during this championship. It will be tough, no need to beat around the bush. I’m just focusing now on the next match against Croatia in order to do the best we can, me and my team. I have ideas about finishing my international career after EURO. I don’t know for sure, I have a number of ideas. We’ll see; it will also depend on this last match against Croatia. I will make the decision after this match.”

The pressure will be huge in their final group game against Croatia with Poland not handling the pressure well in their opening games it will be a struggle but BÄ…k has other ideas:

“I believe in our team, that we’ll pull ourselves together, be mobilised, play good football and win a game during these championships.”

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