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Sorry Mr Blatter, La Liga is not the best league in the world..

“And when you see the starting XI of the Spanish national team, all of them play their football in Spain. The Spanish league also has the highest number of local players.”

“The Premier League is the best-marketed league in the world,”
“It’s a good league, with good players, but when you consider not one player made the best XI of the world, maybe they should think about whether something can be adapted.”

Sepp Blatter

This is what Fifa supremo Sepp Blatter said about La Liga and the Premiership, after news broke about the Fifa XI which included 8 Spanish based players, and not a single Premiership based player.

However, this does not necessarily mean that La Liga is the number one league on the planet.
It is my personal opinion that a league should be judged  by it’s playersa alone, but excitement to the neutral, and perhaps importantly in this case, strength in depth.
While Spain does play host to the two best players in the world, the best coach in the world, the best club side in the world and the most anticipated football game of the year, this merely qualifies Real Madrid and Barcelona as two of the best teams in the world.
The last time that any team outside the top two Spanish sides to win the Spanish title was the Rafeal Benitez Valencia side of 2002, now nearly a decade ago. Compare this with the Premiership which has seen 3 different winners of the premiership in the last 6 seasons.
Also look at the current top 5 of La Liga in comparison with the same of the Premiership.
EPL:                                             La Liga

Man Utd                                    Barcelona
Man City                                   Real Madrid
Arsenal                                     Villareal
Tottenham                               Valencia
Chelsea                                     Espanyol

It’s fairly easy to point out the obvious. Real Madrid and Barcelona are better than Man Utd and Man City, and would probably cast aside the two Manchester outfits with ease, but Arsenal Vs Villareal, Tottenham vs Valencia and Chelsea vs Espanyol would almost certainly result in a English victory. Also take note of the point separation. There are 11 points between Real Madrid in 2nd, and Villareal, in 3rd. In comparison , there are just 2 between Arsenal and Man City in the same position. So far this season, there have been several teams topping the premier league table, in comparison with the typical two from Spain.

Fair enough, I can accept that La Liga contains some fantastic football, and two of the best teams in the World at the moment, but it is just those two. If you call a league, the best in the world you have to analyse all 20 teams in that league, and frankly, the quality La Liga contains starts at Barcelona, and ends with Madrid.  La Liga have to fantastic teams, some would say the best. But two 2 teams do not make a league.

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  1. KK

    14 January, 2011 at 13:38

    you are joke mate… A.Madrid and sevilla won the ufea cups 3 times in the last 5 years…. why not the mid table english club didnt win if they are stronger ????

    We all know what happennd when Valencia met ManU in EUROPE.. though MANU won at spain and drew at old trafford… Since Valencia looked the better team…

  2. Wes Bray

    15 January, 2011 at 03:59

    Have to say I disagree with most of the points raised here…sure there is a large gap between Real/Barca and the rest of the La Liga teams, but i’m not entirely convinced that Arsenal would “almost certainly” beat Villareal and the same with Tottenham/Valencia. There are also teams such as the ones KK mentioned, like Atletico and Sevilla who would more than be the match of alot of English teams.

  3. samlewiscalcio21

    15 January, 2011 at 14:39

    I disagree. I you look at Athletico Madrid’s recent form(they lost 4-1 to newly promoted Hercules last week) and Sevilla’s position in the table(they now languish in 10th) you can hardly say that the mid-table/champions legue spot Spanish teams have the consistency to overcome a Premiership side like an Arsenal, Chelsea etc.
    I agree, that in the UEFA cup, Spanish sides have had great success in recent years, but in Europes premier competiton, the Champions League, the only Spanish team to have won it at all in the last 5 years has been Barcelona, with a lot of Spanish dropping out in the group stages and succeeding in the UEFA cup, as it is a lower standard of European football.
    Compare this with England or Italy in the same competiton, in the last, say 10 years:
    2000: Real Madrid 3 – 0 Valencia
    2001: Bayern Munich 1-1 Valenica (Bayern won 5-4 on penalties)
    2002:Real Madrid 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen
    2003: AC Milan 0 – 0 Juventus (Milan win 3-2 on penalties)
    2004:Porto 3-0 AS Monaco
    2005:Milan 3-3 Liverpool (Liverpool 3-2 on penalties)
    2006:Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal
    2007: Milan 2-1 Liverpool
    2008: Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea (Utd 6-5 on penalties)
    2009: Barcelona 2-0 Man Utd
    2010: Inter Milan 2-0 Bayern Munich
    Spain boast 4 winners in the last 10 years: R.Madrid and Barcelona. The only other team to appear in a final is Valencia, being beaten both times. England boast 4 finalists, of which only 2 won, but 4 of the top English teams have appeared in a Champions League Final in the last 10 years. This shows a strength in depth that Spain cannot match, regardless of how good their top two teams are.
    2010 Semi Finalists:
    Bayern, Inter, Barca, Utd
    2009: Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Barca
    2008: Liverpool, Chelsea, Barca, Man Utd
    2006: Milan, Man Utd Chelsea, Liverpool
    I could go on, but I think you see my point. Spain have won 4 European titles in the last 10 years, with two teams. England have won the Champions League twice in the same amount of time, with half of the Champions League Finals including an English team. In Semi Finals, the proof of the top 4 teams in Europe every year, Englaind have had 3/4 of the semi finalist places in three years from 2006 to 2009, and 10 out of a possible 16 semi finals places in the last 4 tournaments. I’m sorry La Liga cannot compete with that.

  4. Wes Bray

    15 January, 2011 at 20:11

    You are contradicting yourself somewhat. Based on your arguement of league position and results, where are Liverpool? And where are Chelsea, who lost to newly-promoted Wolves?

  5. samlewiscalcio21

    16 January, 2011 at 03:02

    Not at all. When it comes to Europes Premier competiton, the only real judge of a sides and countries consistency in Europe and where it would come across teams from Spain, EPL completly outshines La Liga.

  6. Matt Rowan

    17 January, 2011 at 08:30

    Excellent point made, agree 100%. I think Sepp will find that PL is a lot more marketable than La Liga any day???

  7. Boxsito

    17 January, 2011 at 12:20

    Premier League is the most competitive league

    La Liga is the best technical league

    Serie A is the best tactical league

    Bundesliga is the combination of all 3

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