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Calling all Football League fans… Your team needs YOU!

“The real stuff begins Saturday so I hope you will all be here cheering the lads on. Your support is invaluable.”

These words were stated by Rovers boss Les Parry in Last Tuesdays match day programme before their final friendly of the pre-season campaign as he like many other League One enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the new coming season in good spirit.

This season League One presents us with a list of mouth-watering fixtures from the newly formed Buckinghamshire derby (Milton Keynes Dons vs Wycombe) to the fierce Steel City Derby (Sheffield United vs Sheffield Wednesday) as well as providing us with sleeping giants such as Charlton Athletic, and Preston North End, and with no clear Favourites for promotion, this season in League One is expected to be better than ever!

However last season’s average attendance for a League one Fixture decreased dramatically from 9,139 to 7,526. Although some may say this is down to the popular Leeds United and Norwich City being in the division at the time, a sudden decrease in average attendances cannot be just down to two teams.

And in the words of Lord Kitchener himself, your football team you passionately love needs you! Without you the fans coming to watch the team you adore, there would be neither atmosphere nor excitement. Nobody to eat the match day pies we grudgingly have learnt to love. No stands to be filled and most of all, no quick witted chants over certain individuals whose egos are bigger than the attendance gate!

Can you imagine the Steel City derby without a dumb-witted yet genius remark to one another, chanting how great your team is, and how s**t theirs is. Or ignoring the fact Phil Browns face is browner than his shoes. Would you seriously be willing to disregard the opportunity to slander the Tranmere fans as ‘Scousers’ whilst the Tranmere faithful strongly make a claim that they hate the ‘Scousers’ more than there opposition!

The clichés are there, and will be for a number of years and rightly so, as many cash-strapped individuals struggle to make ends meet, never mind pay to watch some bunch of ‘lucky gets’ play football for a living. However if you are those who are willing to fork up their hard earned cash on the beautiful game, think about where you ‘invest’ your fortune. Perhaps instead of purchasing the new Manchester United strip and paying to see QPR in action, buy a season ticket for your League One team and have money left over for a match day pie!

So report to duty, for Service of his Majesty the poor sod who runs your club waiting for a Billionaire to knock on his doorstep asking to end his misery and restore his bank balance, and enlist for your local League one team now!

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