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Was Casillas dropped at Real Madrid for all the right reasons?

1 January 2013 by

Both Real Madrid and Malaga were equally shocked when La Liga winning captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas was dropped and instead replaced with second-choice goalkeeper Antonio Adan. Real Madrid went on to lose 3-2 away to Malaga at La Rosaleda falling 16 points behind leaders Barcelona.
This however has caused many misinterpretation in the media world.

There has been a lot of pressure on Mourinho from the fans following the poor performance of the club this season. However Mourinho dropped a bombshell on us when he dropped Casillas, a back-to-back European Championship winning Captain from the starting line-up. To many, this was unusually shocking and disturbing. There were only two ways to explain this; Mourinho had too much faith in Adan OR ; he wanted to remind Casillas that he’s the one in charge.

Mourinho meanwhile said that he does not regret dropping Captain Casillas and that
“It was purely a technical decision”. He carried on to say that Adan is in a better form at the moment.

Casillas spoke to La Sexta television on Sunday before playing a charity match in Madrid stating: “The coach decides which team he thinks is best for each match” he went on to admit that he is not used to being a substitute and his rivalry with Antonio is a “healthy one”.

This is not the first time Mourinho dropped a constant player this season. Sergio Ramos was also a victim when he was dropped from the squad that would face Manchester City in their CL clash.

Mourinho is well known for his strong personality and his rather shocking decisions when it comes to players. There was speculation that he’ll leave the club but he cleared the air on Saturday mentioning that he haven’t thought of quitting his job before or after the loss to the financially struggling club Malaga. Mourinho’s contract deal with Real Madrid ends in 2016 meaning that he’ll stay with the club till at least then.


  • Salam Oladimeji Hafeez

    Mourinho is the coach, while cassilas is a player under mourinho. And the cosch has power above him. He has the right to choose a player that is commited and loyal to the cause of the team, not the player that reveal his team information to the press.

  • Abubakar Muhammad Gummi

    mourinho is the best coach of world.

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