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Chelsea Chase Fellaini and Falcao

Even though it seems that January is ages away and that Chelsea have spent enough this season Chelsea’s recent poor form proves that their squad is still not complete.

The Blues desperately need a physical presence in midfield with the game against Juventus last night showing that John Obi Mikel is just not good enough. Plus Frank Lampard, while clearly capable, isn’t exactly getting any younger.

So with Marouane Fellaini telling Het Nieuwsblad, “I have started my fifth season at Everton. This will be one of my last seasons. I have seen everything. In January, or at the end of the season, I will look for another club or league.”, It would seem stupid to let the possibility of signing a young, quality and Premier League proven player, slip by.

Fellaini has been greatly praised for his excellent showings for Everton this season and this has been noted by David Moyes who has told the Sunday Mirror, “Whatever happens now, whatever Fellaini says, he is here for at least the next four months. He might be here even longer than that, I don’t know. I have got no problem if other clubs start circling for my players. None at all. What I do know is that they can’t come in and take any of my players until January and we are only in September. What I do know for certain, though, is that Fellaini has got a five-year contract here. So clubs can circle, but the window has just shut, and we’re in a strong ­position as far as his contract is concerned.”

David Moyes has reportedly put a £30million price tag on the Belgian International. A fee which is likely to hold off interest for a while, but one which is also easily affordable for a club of Chelsea’s Financial power.

Radamal Falcao has also been linked with the Blues. The Columbian international is quite clearly one of if not the best out and out striker on the planet and would surely cost Chelsea a lot of money.

Earlier in September articles have already reported that Chelsea have agreed a fee of £48million for the player and that the deal will go through in January, but this being football it won’t be that simple with Real Madrid also fancying a cheeky punt at Atletico Madrid’s main man.

To add to the drama Falcao’s father has come out twice saying that both clubs are his dream moves on different occasions. The most recent quote being, “His dream is to play for Real Madrid. Since he was a boy he’s always wanted to play there. If he can’t play for Real Madrid, he’ll play for a team in England. Of course he wants to go to the 2014 World Cup, but most of all, he wants to go to Real Madrid.”


                     How Chelsea’s could look with Fellaini and Falcao:


IVANOVIC                           LUIZ                 TERRY                     A.COLE


          RAMIRES                           HAZARD                        MATA/OSCAR

                                      FALCAO                TORRES

The team above seems a lot better than Chelsea’s current starting XI doesn’t it?

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  1. Ray Lewis

    21 September, 2012 at 01:57

    Chelsea should look like this






    Either Luiz or Fellaini can come up in support of the front five and both can fall back to make the backline five. Romeu can then have ocassion to spell Luiz or Fellaini to get more playing time. At the end of the season, management needs to have a come-to-Jesus talk with Torres and a decision can be made depending on how ready Lukaku may be. Picked Moses on the right of attacking mid because he holds the ball and dribles better that Ramires. Rami has more pace but Moses has decent pace and more bulk; he can’t be nudged off the ball quite as easy as Rami.

  2. Fintan Bradley

    21 September, 2012 at 19:14

    An interesting choice Ray. A new formation could work for the blues but could also destroy their season if it’s ‘reprogrammed’ in January. Another thing that caught my eye is that you have left out Mata and Ivanovic, any reason for this as Ivanovic would be ideal for this formation and would be better suited than the attacking Azpilicueta? The formation would restrict A.Cole from going forward.

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