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Federation of International Fixes Allowed

A disgrace. A fix. A shame. A waste of time. This was just a few of the reactions after FIFA gave the right to Russia and Qatar to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup respectively. Senior officials from countries such as England, USA and Australia were outraged by this especially. Maybe the conspiracy theories didn’t help England’s cause and the USA’s being over confident of winning the rights to host the World Cup didn’t help, but was the vote as ‘fair’ as FIFA make it out to be. Yes, I agree that FIFA were looking for a legacy, but is Qatar and Russia the right places to build a legacy. You could get more of a legacy by hosting a World Cup in England or Australia than you possibly could in Qatar and Russia. There are many theories to show that Qatar’s win wasn’t an amazing shock and that Russia’s bid wasn’t down to a well organised campaign. Here are just a few of the few conspiracy theories surrounding the vote;

Sepp Blatter-A way to get him another stay in power

Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, is possibly football’s most hated figure from many parts of the World. A controversial leader might just have made his most stupid decision yet by sending the World Cup to Qatar, the only bid that was rated as a high risk. It doesn’t help that Sepp Blatter’s most likely threat to the FIFA throne is Mohammed Bin Hammam, the head of the Asian Confederation and also a Qatari. A year ago, Bin Hammam stated an interest to lead FIFA, but a few months ago, he stated that he would not challenge Blatter in the 2011 re-election. Coincidence or Qatar’s win is not on a legacy and a new place for a World Cup but for the selfishness of Blatter.

The voting process and the people involved

FIFA officials in a bad light yet again. From when the Sunday Times revealed that Ados Adamu and Raymond Temarii had been taking huge amount of money for their vote in the World Cup to that Panorama programme, the FIFA executive committee has not made it’s bad reputation any better because of their role in the voting process. Andy Anson, the leader of the fateful England bid, said that his bid team was confident that they had secured 8 or 9 votes as they had been told by many members that they were guaranteed that they had their vote. The men in question is controversial CONCACAF chairman Jack Warner, USA’s Chuck Blazer, Guatemala’s Rafael Salguero, South Korea’s Chung Mong-Joon, Ivory Coast’s Jacques Anouma, Senes Erzik of Turkey and Cyprus’s Marios Lefkaritis. If this is to be true, England would have received 9 votes, the same amount as Russia had in the first round. I could moan about FIFA all day, but my final point about the exco committee is the amount of votes in Netherland-

Belgium’s bid in the first and second round. In the first round, the Benelux bid had 4 votes, putting them into the second round of voting, when they mysteriously lost two votes to Russia to hand them the World Cup. A possible reason of this is that the delay of the announcement of the vote was due to bribery from the Russian officials (just a possible theory). I won’t say any more about FIFA, but there is plenty more conspiracies about the vote just involving FIFA’s executive committee.

There are plenty of other conspiracies such as Pepsi splashing out £2.5 billion on a Russian drinks company just four hours before the vote was announced and that the decision was made before hand plus many more possible theories. All I know is that something is not right with the way the vote was handled and the acts of FIFA and the stupid voting process didn’t help the World Cups go the best bid, but to a bid with a supposed better legacy. I am just waiting for one of the affected nations to rebel against FIFA and order a reform in this corrupt organization, but knowing Blatter, his stubbornness should stop anything like this from happening. The best we can hope for is a reform in the voting system e.g. the chairmen, manager and captain of each country gets a vote. All we can do is wait, but most likely, nothing will come of it and Blatter and his committee will get away with murder for another time.

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