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Dare To Dream! Hull city 2-1 Fulham

The eye of the tiger

Check your odds bookmakers.City are in the Premier league,And there not here to make up the numbers.

City didn’t have it all there way though,Fulham did take the lead with a 35 minute strike from Seol ki-hyeon.One that made the Tiger roar go silent.

But that silence didn’t last to long however an equaliser from Brazillian born Geovanni set the ball rolling for City just before half-time.One can only think that Geovanni will have to play a key role if The Tigers are to stay in the Premier league.

Both teams had settled for the point until a shocker from Fulhams Paul Konchesky allowed Craig Fagan to square it to Caleb Folan who slotted the ball into the back of the net.

The football nation was baffled.Not to mention Roy Hodgson who said he was dissapointed by the mistake of the “normally” reliable Konchesky.Infact the media was so suprised,Charlie Nicholas almost fell off his chair.

And the so-called experts who sit in there air-conditioned studio criticising Referees and players,Had Also Predicted Hull to do another Derby,And go down as the worst Premier league team ever.They’ve already equalled there winning record,And they’ve still got thirty seven Barclays Premier league games to go.

However City fans musn’t get carried away.This is just three points and three points only.Theres still more work to be done for Phil Brown and his barmy army,But who knows? come 24th may this win may be important.

So what does this game tell us about City’s hopes ? It dosen’t tell us that Hull City will survive in the Premier league,And it certainly dosen’t tell us that they’ve got the quality to survive, But it does tell us that there not going down without a fight, And they’ve got more than 25 000 supporters to cheer them on every game.

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