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Would You Like To See David Beckham Playing In England Again?

Following Leicester City’s audacious and consequently unsuccessful bid to bring David Beckham to the Walkers Stadium, I focus on what Beckham has left to offer as a player and whether you would like to see him at your club (regardless of who you support!). Does Beckham still possess the quality we as football fans became accustomed to over the years?

Beckham 3

Should Beckham quit while he is still ahead? Photo: Getty

Personally, I have always regarded David Beckham as a sensational professional. Since he burst onto the Premier League scene so many years ago I have not really changed my opinion. His time as a Man Utd player is what i remember him for most. A glittering era littered with a host of medals from almost every football competition, Beckham at times produced footballing brilliance. Six Premier League titles, coupled with two FA Cup’s and a single Champions League medal were the highlights of his time at United. The only significant competition to elude Beckham was the League Cup.

Beckham's Man Utd career was littered with Silverware.

Beckham's Man Utd career was littered with silverware.

A lucrative move to Real Madrid in my opinion made Beckham a better player. Of course, many will disagree with that, but playing in such an incredible Real Madrid team done wonders for him. When Beckham made his move over the Atlantic to LA Galaxy was when I became to worry a little. The state of US ‘Soccer’ was huge in terms of participation and following. However, the quality of the MLS was called into question the world over. Beckham was signed to raise the profile of Soccer in the United States (and play for LA Galaxy at the same time). Being paid $6.5million a year over five years would certainly have sweetened the deal. I felt at this time that Beckham had made the wrong move; because I still felt he had a lot to offer at the highest level. Subsequent loan moves to AC Milan in more recent times have restored such faith a little bit.


Beckham has played alongside the worlds best; perhaps until his m

Beckham seems susceptible to injury these days; which after so long in the game is understandable. I still do hope that he ends his career playing in England. It seems almost weekly Beckham is linked with a different English club, from Premier League outfits like Everton and West Ham to those lower down the Leagues like Leicester and QPR.

Of course, they hype and media attention that follows Beckham’s every move is still very much in place. A move back to England would certainly boost the revenue of any club. Beckham’s value as a player I think is still there; not like it used to be, but certainly still there.

The one thing I do think would stand against Beckham is his lack of pace. The Premier League at the moment is in my opinion the fastest and highest quality league in the world. I think in a league like the MLS Beckham can have a greater impact on the field. His passing style and ability to deliver a quality cross does still make him stand out. I do however question whether he would have any success in the Premier League at the current time.

Although I would consider it worthless and perhaps rather foolish, I think Beckham would be best suited to a Championship club now. Would you like to see Beckham at your club? or do you think that the player we all used to know and love is best suited in a slower, lower-quality league in the United States?


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  1. Anna Philippou

    11 December, 2010 at 11:30

    at Old Trafford on loan or for good if Everton, Spurs, Leicester, Besiktas and others want him ….then he should come home where he longs to be … to the club he loves and longs to be at….he’s is a true red and he never wanted to leave. We owe it to him…but Fergie is Boss.

    I have a facebook page and Twitter for it the Facebook page been going since the 13th Oct and is heading for nearly 3000 fans the first week 1000 joined it’s slowing down now as people don’t believe it can happen but I don’t see why not HE IS ONLY 35.

    Thanks Anna this is the link to the Facebook page.

  2. Shezu

    11 December, 2010 at 11:42

    Hell ya,B-7 is the best n i hope one day cum back again to manchester united

  3. Pats

    11 December, 2010 at 12:14

    Frankly I think David Beckham has it inside him to offer to the English Football side……..the 3 lions jersey is something he craves for……….and seeing him in that jersey is something all of England wants.
    Regarding his talent and ability, to all doubts I would suggest you view a couple of videos of his scoring in the MLS for LA Galaxy…….especially the one against Kansas from behind the Half Way line

  4. vipul

    14 April, 2011 at 07:39

    i wanna see him playing once again for england and his club

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