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England in Euro 2012-An Analysis

It is an obvious question in the football world whether the absence of Chelsea pair-Cahill and Lampard-will affect the progress of England in Euros? To be peculiar and precise, the answer is certainly no. 34-year-old Lampard absence implies whether 18-year old Oxlade-Chamberlain or 26-year old Milner will be getting the chance to start. So, we can expect more pace in the field by either of these two young guns. The absence of Cahill implies Lescott will be getting the chance to start in Euros. There is a fact in the football world which states that the defenders will become stronger as they grow older. This fact denotes 29-year old Lescott will be doing the job better than 26-year old Cahill.

Goal Keepers:

Joe Hart (Manchester City FC), Robert Green (West Ham United FC), Jack Butland (Birmingham City FC).

Expected Starter: Joe Hart

Rob Green’s sloppy work in stopping Dempsey’s long range effort in the World Cup opener against USA, paid a lot for three lions. If Green had stopped that, then England would have faced easy draws in the preceding stages of the tournament-was facing Ghana in Round of 16 and Uruguay in the quarter-finals. One foolish mistake by Green took the semi-final berth away from England. England Keepers should take care on not repeating this mistake once again.

As Joe Hart enjoyed a fantastic season with the blues, it is pretty sure that Roy Hodgson won’t be keeping the second choice Keeper in his mind. Hart will be starting all the games for England in Euros and the Manchester City Goal Keeper will be playing each and every minute in Euros without any doubt, unless and until he suffer any injury.


Leighton Baines (Everton FC), Martin Kelly (Liverpool FC), Ashley Cole (Chelsea FC), Glen Johnson (Liverpool FC), Phil Jones (Manchester United FC), Joleon Lescott (Manchester City FC), John Terry (Chelsea FC).

Expected Starters: Glenn Johnson, John Terry, Joleon Lescott, Ashley Cole

Does Cahill injury affect England progress in Euros?

As it is stated before, the answer is certainly no.

If it so, then the question to be raised now is-how?-Let we compare these two defenders in terms of money. Chelsea paid 7M to Bolton to bring Gary Cahill to Stamford Bridge, last January, whereas Manchester City paid around 22M to Everton to bring Joloen Lescott to Eithad Stadium. Putting it in better words, the worth of Lescott is more than three times the worth of Cahill i.e., Lescott > 3(Cahill). So, without any doubt, Lescott will come up with sensational performances in Ukraine, Poland.

Terry-Just a look:

As Terry failed to block klose in WC round of 16 clash, Klose gave the lead for Germans with an excellent finish off the long-ball from Neuer. But this time, Terry should be keen in keeping his eyes on the ball and the forward, whom he have to block

Cole or Baines?

Then the second obvious question is who will be starting as left back-whether Ashley Cole or Leighton Baines? It is widely accepted fact that Cole is the best left back in the world at present. Every football fan would aware of the lose of Chelsea to Napoli in champions league round of 16, 1st leg at San Paolo, where AVB kept Cole on bench. So, it is expected that Hodgson won’t be doing the same mistake here in Euros. Though Baines can produce something fruitful with his pace, Cole is in fine touch at present, winning Champions league and FA Cup last season with Chelsea.

Why Johnson? Not Richards?

Micah Richards omission made the football fans to look up at suprise. Roy didn’t call Richards even for the replacement for injured Cahill (where he called Liverpool’s Martin Kelly). This implies Hodgson is trusting Glenn Johnson extremely in having Liverpool man as the right back. Rafa Benitez paid 18M to Portsmouth to bring Johnson to Mersey-side in 2009, but he is yet to make a big impression at Anfield. Johnson had won the Carling Cup with Liverpool last season and this success will boost his desire.

If we make a deep look at the back four, all of them would have won some titles with their respective clubs last season-Terry and Cole had won champions league and FA cup; Lescott had won the EPL title and Johnson had won the Carling cup.


Phil Jagielka (Everton FC), Stewart Downing (Liverpool FC), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool FC), James Milner (Manchester City FC), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal FC), Scott Parker (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Theo Walcott (Arsenal FC), Ashley Young (Manchester United FC).

Expected Starters: Steven Gerrard, Scott Parker, Ashley Young, James Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Will Lampard and Barry absence will be affecting the progress of England in Euros?

The answer for the above question is certainly no; instead, it will improve the performance the team. If Lampard and Barry are available, then surely they will be starting all the games with Gerrard and Parker in the midfield. This will make the average age of midfielders in England starting line-up as 32, which is very much higher to provide the expected performance. So, the absence of these giants will certainly improve the performance of England.

Why Downing? Not Adam Johnson?

Obviously, Stewart Downing’s inclusion in the squad ahead of Adam Johnson was a surprise. Johnson had scored 6 goals and provided 2 assists in premier league last season, whereas Downing didn’t score even a goal and didn’t provide even a assist. Hodgson is the only person who is having the answer for the question which is raised above. Even though Downing won’t be starting any of the games in Euros, Hodgson will be using him as a second-half substitute in either side of the wings.

Jordon Henderson – a surprise package?

Henderson is called up for euros as the replacement for injured Lampard. Does this call a surprise?-the answer is certainly no. Henderson is the only player in the Liverpool squad who played all the 14 games in the road of Carling cup victory. Hendo’s long-range passing accuracy is considerably high. Hendo might be coming to play as the second-half substitute either for Parker or Chamberlain.


Andy Carroll (Liverpool FC), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United FC)*, Daniel Welbeck (Manchester United FC).

NOTE: Rooney is suspended for first two matches.

Expected Starter: Daniel Welbeck

As it is expected that Roy will be going with 4-5-1 formation for the first two games because of Rooney’s suspension, then the question is who will be starting up front? It is pretty sure that Hodgson will make Welbeck to play upfront as the 21-year old Manchester United striker had made an remarkable impression at Old Trafford last season. However, Carroll’s recent form will certainly bring him to the field as the second-half substitute.


As Rooney is suspended for the first two games, it is expected that Hodgson will go with 4-2-3-1 formation, with Gerrard starting at the back of Welbeck; Ashley Young will be playing on the left wing and James Milner on the right. Then where Oxlade-Cahmberlain will be playing?-here is where Hodgson may go wrong. Hodgson may make the 18-year old Arsenal midfielder to play in the defensive mid-field with Parker. But whenever, Chamberlain attacks with big pace, Gerrard should take the playing position of ox.

Will England succeed in Euros?

An English manager will certainly do the job well than the foreign managers, because of the words called ‘Spirit’ and ‘Patriotism’. In the friendless against Norway and Begium, English players would be singing the National Anthem with true patriotism (their faces said so). So, the true patriotism and the tactics of experienced Hodgson, will certainly make England as one of the serious contenders for Euro 2012

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  1. Scott

    7 June, 2012 at 08:31

    I’m confused, is this supposed to be an entirely serious piece or is it littered with tongue in cheek “jokes” on purpose?

  2. Fletcher

    7 June, 2012 at 13:30

    Nice analysis

  3. thelinesman

    7 June, 2012 at 16:09

    Lescott > 3 (Cahill)

    Does that mean Fernando Torres > 2 (Drogba)?

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