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Don’t get too excited

Two wins, two clean sheets and five points clear of the drop zone.

Victories over Wolves and Sunderland aren’t to be sniffed at – even though both looked very poor – and Rovers have given themselves every chance of avoiding relegation.

But with QPR beating Liverpool and Bolton away next, don’t be popping any champagne corks just yet.

Despite the positivity on the pitch, nothing’s really changed off it. The club still has owners who don’t communicate and a manager who’s about as popular with the fans as a fox in a hen-house.

There’s been a few whispers in the stands the protests against Steve Kean should stop and he “deserves a chance”. It appears the majority still feel less than happy with Venky’s.

Whether Kean stays as manager in the long-run remains to be seen – the owners seem delighted with him regardless of results – but it’s those owners who need to come clean about their intentions for the club.

After over a year of lies and false promises the fans deserve some answers. With further protests being considered over the coming weeks, it’s clear the fans are continuing to fight for their club.

Allowing a couple of decent results to cloud the bigger picture could be dangerous.

If Rovers do avoid relegation will the owners invest in the team in the summer? If they went down would they provide enough funds to ensure the club bounced straight back?

The list of unanswered questions is probably endless, but it’s the lack of communication which really winds the fans up.

Rumours coming out of the BRFC Action Group have suggested the club are willing to meet with the protesters, but unwilling for the content of the meeting to be shared with the fans at large. Quite how they think that’s helpful is anyone’s guess.

While the owners stay away from Ewood and refuse to engage in open dialogue, it simply adds fuel to the fire and does no-one any favours.

If they really are genuine and honourable people then surely it makes sense to explain once and for all their vision for the club. No lies. No spin. Just cold, hard facts so everyone knows where they stand. Surely that’s the least the fans can expect?

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