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F.A. Cup 4th round Oldham Athletic vs. Liverpool

Record breaker for Oldham Athletic, they have scored a goal and what a goal that was by Matt Smith. The ball was crossed in, and then Smith loses his man and scores Jones also came out unnecessarily Smith took complete advantage of this early chance. 2 minutes gone Oldham 1 Liverpool 0. Last round it was Crawley this round it’s Oldham both around the 2 minute mark. Nasty tackle by Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling and then just got a yellow completely unsurprisingly. There was a bit of a fight happening at Liverpool’s end what i think was happening is that the Oldham player tripod over Jones and landed on Skrtel.

Simpson for Oldham has just got booked, wrong decision  by the Ref I think. Luis Suarez has run from his own half dribbling straight through Oldham Athletic’s defense tried to pass but it was rebounded of an Oldham defender he has eventually shot it was going in the moment it left his boot completely deceiving all of Oldham’s defense ago just past the 15 minute mark. It’s just before half-time and it looks like it’s going to be a draw, no I’m wrong Matt Smith has just scored his second of the match. Jones again came out unnecessarily and the ball fell into Joneses hands and Smith took complete advantage again. Just after the break Oldham extended their lead from a cunning header from Wabara who is on loan from Man City. Showing classy style here Jones came out Wabara performing an excellent lob header. 50 minutes gone Oldham Athletic 3 Liverpool 1. Steven Gerrard has just come on and almost as soon as he came on he started complaining. Unbelievable from the Liverpool captain. Joe Allen has just scored catching a massive deflection. Non the less 10 minutes to go. Oldham Athletic3 Liverpool2. Matt Smith has just had to be stretched off, Dislocated shoulder by the looks of things. For some reason there is 6 added minutes. That’s all from Oldham and Liverpool, just in case you’ve lost count Oldham Athletic3-2 Liverpool.

My Man of the Match: Matt Smith

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