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Finally An Honest Player In Lazio’s Miroslav Klose

A strange thing happened last weekend in the game between Lazio and Napoli. Miroslav Klose scored for Lazio within the first few minutes of the game with his hand. As he peeled away to celebrate the Napoli players were incensed at the incident, in which the referee did award a goal. But after having second thoughts, Klose walked over to the referee and admitted that he did handle the ball and the goal was correctly disallowed.

In the end Lazio lost the game 3-0 to Napoli but there is nobody saying that Klose is a cheat even though I’m sure some of the players, management and fans would have liked to have seen the goal stand. But in the end Klose walked off without any tags to his name except the one all players should have and that’s ‘honest’.

Two years ago Thierry Henry handled the ball and set up William Gallas to score the goal that put France into the world cup in South Africa and knocked Ireland out. Now as a result he will always be remembered as one of the biggest cheats in the game thus ruining his amazing career which saw him finish as Arsenal’s all time top scorer.

Even last weekend Bemba Ba scored the equalising goal against Reading late on and denied Reading the three points they deserved after going in front twice in the game. What is even worse about the situation is Ba had the nerve to point to his hand in his celebration. The worst thing about it is the fact he will get away with it.

This sort of cheating is happening all too often now in the game with diving being another massive problem. The funny thing in all this is that for whatever reason, the FA have a Dubious Goals Committee to decide those goals that aren’t clear as to who scored them but no panel to look at handballs and diving in order to disallow them.

Cheating in the game is a regular occurrence and absolutely nothing is been done on a grand scale to cut this out. So Miroslav Klose take a bow for your honesty. Your a dying breed of player.

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