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There are moments in football that you will never forget, memories that will last a last a life-time, here is one of mine:

What a day that was, every POSH fan that was there will never forget this one and a half hour football match. The moment Charlie Lee smashed the ball in to the top of the net beyond Dean Gerken and we went 1-0 up, although that strike did not cue the celebrations that happened when a goal went in at Stadium: MK.
There was a cheer, one mad cheer raised by one fan with a radio set, a sound of elation that had every POSH fan thinking the same thing. ‘Walsall must have scored’. ‘WALSALL MUST HAVE SCORED!’ Strangers hugged each other, embracing each other with something that will only be found at a football match. You don’t see men suddenly jumping with joy, hugging the mid-wife when their first born child is delivered, but here a Jabo Ibehre strike had fans faces swamped with pure emotion. After the celebrations, phones went out, for some reason you need to see it for yourself before you truly believe. Here we are the sport page of the internet, ‘live scores’, M.K Dons 0-0 Walsall. What? Surely not? Why would any fan want to put over a thousand POSH fans through that emotion only for it to be some mindless joke? I want to hit the man with the radio. Refresh, still nothing. Refresh, come on Sky Sports confirm it! If only Jeff Stelling was there screaming in front of my face that Ibehre’s goal may have put POSH into the Championship. He wasn’t though; all I had was my credit eating internet on my phone. But then it appeared, M.K Dons 0-1 Walsall.

Attention back to the game, although I couldn’t concentrate. I honestly have no recollection of the game after that goal, other than a last minute shot whistling over Lewis’ cross-bar. I was watching, my eyes where seeing, but my brain wasn’t processing. I rushed down to the front, shouting ‘blow the whistle!’ And there it was a shrill, sharp blow on the whistle from the referee and it had finished. We had done our bit, now we needed Walsall to do there’s. We stood around, silence, apart from people shouting ‘is it over’ as if everyone was expecting to hear the cries of M.K Don’s fans telling us it was. Hold on. The players are celebrating. Ferguson is hugging MacAnthony. That’s it we are up! Pandemonium in the stands. I find myself being squished against the front fence but I don’t care, we’re up! (After the game we find out at that time we weren’t actually up, whoever told the team we where deserves a slap round the face because had MK equalised them celebrations would of turned into tears) Luckily for us, they didn’t equalise and we did confirm our Championship status.

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