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Gabon away team kit for African Cup of Nations

The away team kit for Gabon on the African Cup of Nations shall not be the same as used during qualification.
Gabon chose to release the new kit at their first ANC game against Cameroon.

Daniel Cousin

The shirt shall be mainly white with the blue,green and yellow flag across the chest and the shorts and socks will be white.


Alike the home kit the away kit shall be designed and produced by the Parisian based sportswear company Airness.

Instead of the more athletic and tight design alike Puma the Airness shirts shall be more baggy and spacious.

The away kit has so far proved to be lucky being used in the historic win against Cameroon. However Gabon have been drawn as the home team in their next game against Tunisia and should wear their home kit for this match.

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  1. MW

    16 January, 2010 at 19:11

    Do you know where this kit can be purchased?

  2. alimcl24

    16 January, 2010 at 21:23

    not yet man

    it wasonly released on the start of the game

    the airness website and gabon football federation are pretty useless

    try or some of the bigger net stores

  3. MW

    17 January, 2010 at 01:50

    Cheers man, I’ve looked around (footballshirts, subside,, etc), but no one seems to have any of the Airness kits, and def not Gabon. You figure being one of the smaller players, Airness would have better access to get their kits. Oh well!

  4. alimcl24

    17 January, 2010 at 03:35

    yeah..its been a nightmare trying to get a picture of the kits before the games…maybe have to wait for ebay or something.

    I suppose the better Gabon do in the competition the more chance you have of getting the kit

    Lets hope for a Gabon win tomorow

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