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Gary gets offered another chance

Gary Mulligan has been offered a one-year extension to his current contract which expires in the summer. Gills manager Mark Stimson decided to exercise the option of extending Mulligan’s contract but insists that the player himself will have the final say on whether he wants to extend his time at the Gills. Stimson said: “Whether he wants to be part of that (the Gills), we’ll only see when we ask the question”

“We’ll have a conversation with Gary and we just want an honest answer. If he doesn’t want to be part of it I’m not going to think of any less of him and we’ll come to some agreement where he can go and enjoy his career somewhere else.”

“He could be a big player in this league (League One) and also the one below (League Two) if he’s got the right partner.”

Mulligan made his first start for the club on Saturday since March, and Stimson believes the striker adds something different to his team. He said: “You might just need someone who is a thinker and might be more than raw pace and off the cuff. When you have someone like Kevin Maher on the ball, Gary can make good runs. In the last few weeks Kevin has come in and in training sessions they’ve linked up well together.”

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