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Ghana 2010ANC Home Shirt

GHANA have unveiled their latest home shirt for the upcoming 2010 ANC (African Nations Cup).

Puma, who manufacture kits for 11 of the sides competing at this month’s tournament, have created their latest product with the aim of combining sophisticated style, cutting edge technology and traditional African culture.


2010-12 GHANA HOME SHIRT: Original new twist in design.

The result is another fantastic looking addition to the already successful Puma-Ghana partnership. Remaining faithful to the simplicity of the traditional all white shirt, Puma has included their small logo neatly in the centre whilst placing the badge on the left breast. The badge is accompanied by four stars to celebrate the four occasions the Black Stars have won the ANC.

The main stylistic addition is the placement of a large solitary star on the right hand shoulder, leading down towards the end of the sleeve. This feature takes it’s inspiration from Ghana’s national flag which includes a black star to represent African freedom and the African people. The emblem is also the reason behind Ghana’s nickname – ‘The Black Stars’

Technology wise, the shirt is another example of the ever improving world of ‘smart sportswear’. Designed to be tight fitting, the shirt aims to improve the player’s posture and spatial awareness. It also features a multi-layered mesh on the sleeves and back to allow for maximum movement and breathability, a necessity in the tough, dry climate of Angola.

The 2010-12 product replaces the popular 2008-10 model, which was applauded by fans for its traditional, simplistic style. The all-white shirt only featured a small black trim around the sleeve ends and the neckline, which meant it’s ‘classic’ look would have been just as at home in the 70’s as it was in the modern day.

ghana 2008

2008-10 GHANA HOME SHIRT: Classic styling with modern materials

Though the 2010 entry is without question a very nice addition with original thinking behind the design, I feel that the minimalist retro charm of the 2008 shirt still outshines this new cutting edge effort.

Puma’s 2006 Ghana shirt proved that new ideas can work seamlessly with traditional themes to create an original stylish kit, but sometimes you have to go back to basics to achieve the best design. Puma have produced another great looking kit, but following 2008’s effort, the new design was only ever going to look like a step backwards.Ghana 2006

2006-08 GHANA HOME SHIRT: The bold faded background image proved to be a hit with fans and designers.

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