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Goodbye And Thank You Blogsfc – Please Visit My New Site

6 July 2009 by

  This will probably be the last piece I write on this site. I’ve decided that the time was right to set up my own Stoke City related website, and have created where I will continue writing in much the same way I did on Blogsfc. For those regular readers wondering where I had got to, that’s where I am now. To anyone else who reads this, please have a look and leave comments on my articles, suggestions on how to improve are very much appreciated.

  The aim of blogsfc has always been to help amateurs improve their writing skills and get a footing in the world of football journalism, and it has helped me to do this no end. I think the concept of the site is fantastic and I will still be visiting it regularly to read and comment on the articles of the other editors. I have also linked to it prominently from my new site. To the admin of this site and everyone else that has contributed to it, thank you very much.

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