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Hartlepool, Most loved club?


Does the monkey being mayor have anything to do with our high ranking?” 

Hartlepool, regular whipping boys in the 1900 and 1800 had to apply for re-election the record amount of times but, you loved us for it…

We used to be the worst club involved in the football league. After suffering re-election on so many occasions, fans must have pitied us. In recent research produced by “The Sun” Hartlepool came in the top 20 most loved clubs. Coming a comfortable and loving 4th position. The little League 2 side Morecambe came 1st due to their small and family loving football community. Predictably, Leeds United came a resounding last position, the most hated club in Britian. Arsenal and Liverpool came 2nd and 3rd respectivelly, despite their successes and “glory support” jibes.

The top 20 most loved clubs:

1 Morecambe, 2 Arsenal, 3 Liverpool, 4 Hartlepool, 5 Brighton, 6 Crewe Alexandra, 7 Walsall, 8 Tottenham Hotspur, 9 Bournemouth, 10 Bury, 11 Rochdale, 12 Doncaster, 13 Newcastle United, 14 Portsmouth, 15 Southampton, 16 Blackburn, 17 Ipswich, 18 Everton, 19 Fulham, 20 Accrington Stanley

With the most loved out the way…. there has to be a most hated.

1 Leeds Utd, 2 Manchester Utd, 3 Chelsea, 4 Wolves, 5 Millwall, 6 Burnley, 7 Bolton, 8 West Ham, 9 Stoke, 10 Scunthorpe, 11 Derby, 12 Preston North End, 13 West Brom, 14 Manchester City, 15 Aston Villa, 16 Bristol City, 17 Sheffield United, 18 MK Dons, 19 Stockport, 20 Bristol Rovers

Manchester United and Chelsea were always going to go hand in hand in this league table. As were MK Dons “Franchise FC”.

Trivial? Possibley.

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  1. leewilson

    18 August, 2008 at 17:40

    Hi Poolietom,

    Thanks for the message on my Daggers Blog. I agree Daggers have a fair old chance but we will have to avoid injuries as we have a strong but thin squad.

    I personally have no problem with Hartlepool, I think your big celebrity fan Jeff Sterling could have something to do with the popularity rise. You can’t help but laugh at him on Gilette Soccer Saturday when James Brown scores. Hilarious:-)

  2. footyjourno93

    19 August, 2008 at 16:35

    Hartlepool are a deserved 4th! I would have put Accrington Stanley higher up the list though and Spurs only came 9th with Arsenal 2nd. Disgraceful! ‘The Sun’- hang your head’s in shame!

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