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Is the Championship the most competitive league in the world?

A lot of you while reading the title will laugh at the idea that the Sky Bet Championship is the most competitive league in the world, but are there things we are not considering?

In the Premier League, you have 7 teams that are always at the top of the table: Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton. Then you have the teams that are always in the middle of the table in the Premier League such as Swansea and Stoke, and then the teams always battling for relegation: Sunderland, Norwich, Newcastle. The league always seems to turn out that way.

In the Championship however, it is extremely difficult to call where any of the teams will come at the end of the season. Take last season for example, Fulham were in the top flight of English football for years, and they were relegated to the Championship. On the first day of the season they came up against an Ipswich Town side that had been in the Championship for 14 seasons straight, and most people were expecting a Fulham win, and with the likes of Scott Parker and Alexander Kacaniklic, most people were tipping Fulham for promotion, but on the opening day of the season, they lost 2-1 to Ipswich Town, and continued throughout the season up and down, and finished 17th out of 24 teams.

Another example is Brighton. Last season in the Championship they finished 20th, this season, they are unbeaten at the top of the table after 11 games. Brentford last season, finished 5th and that was there first season back in the championship after being promoted from League 1 in 2014, and Ipswich finished 6th. No one was thinking that those two teams at the end of the season would be in the Play-Off zone, but they both were.

Looking at the other end of the table, people were expecting Blackpool to struggle after what happened with their team and particularly the clubs owner Oyston. and Millwall have always been a struggling team in that division, but when Wigan got relegated, the same Wigan that won the FA cup in 2014, people really werent expecting it at the start of the season.

This is why I think that the Championship is the most competitive professional league in the world.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adam_WWFC

    17 November, 2015 at 08:37

    Yes I agree with this and being a Wolves fan I could be called biased but in the championship there are at least 12 teams who aim for the playoffs. Look at last season when Brentford finished in the top 6 and Wolves finished 7th both being in League One the season before its crazy. Anyone can beat anyone, Middlesbrough lost at home to Bristol City 1-0 which no one would expect considering how good Middlesbrough were last season and especially their home form. How many times do you see it as well where a premier league club gets relegated and then struggles to get back up, last season fair play to Norwich because they put a quality run together as they started quite poor but Cardiff and Fulham did quite bad considering the players they had and Fulham especially spending £11m on Ross McCormack and like you said having the likes of Scott Parker and Kacaniklic, Rodallega as well you would have expected them to do so much better but I think it’s because these clubs don’t realise how hard it is to get out of the championship now. Southampton weren’t in the championship too long ago, same for Crystal Palace and look at how they’ve both progressed and the players they are attracting now which I think gives a lot of championship clubs hope and belief that they can do the same. If you look at the 2nd tier of Italian, Spanish, French football for example they’re nowhere near on the same level as the championship and I also wonder why English players for teams like Man United, Man City, Chelsea etc. Get picked like Jesse Lingard for example has just had a recent call up due to player injuries, he hasn’t had loads of game time but I don’t get why Hodgson has never given championship players a chance, Charlie Austin since QPR got relegated hasn’t been talked about getting into the England squad at all but last season in the Premier League he was getting begged to be called up for how good he good he did. Nathan Redmond as well a player who has adapted well to the Premier league this season for Norwich, he’s scored 4 goals more than Jesse Lingard but because of the Man United status Lingard has he gets picked over Redmond for example and this is a reason why we aren’t good because we pick players based on the club or how well known they are for example like how did Delph start alongside Carrick over Alli and Dier who have both been on good form and recently put on a quality display in midfield against Arsenal. Carrick doesn’t get a look in over Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger at United, Delph hardly plays for City which is why it confuses me massively but because the championship is improving every year the players are getting better so surely it’s only a matter of time some are given a chance at England even if it’s only a friendly, Dele Alli would not be in the England squad if he was still at MK Dons, now he’s at Tottenham he is starting to get into the squad which is unfair on him because at the end of the day if you’re good enough who cares what team or league you play in.

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