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Manchester City Season Awards!

Please can I say, before we start, these are all personal opinions, so if you want to comment, don’t slate who I have put where, let me know what you think. Let’s keep this nice shall we?

Player of the Season – Pablo Zabaleta (Don’t slate me, it’s my opinion!)

He is a real asset to the club and I can say that I have never seen a player adapt so well to English football in his first season, bar Vincent Kompany. He’s able to adapt to a variety of positions. So sometimes ‘Sparky’ can change formation without having to make substitutions if he has a player of Pablo’s flexibility on the pitch. His performances in midfield, in arguably the most competative league in the world, have won his great praise from the fans. His work rate is phenomenal, his tackling isn’t reckless, it is controlled yet tough. Even at full back, slotting in on the left hand side for Bridge, he has shown some outstanding qualities and his superb finish against Wigan earlier this year proved what a fantastic player he can be.

Young Player of the Season – Stephen Ireland

Ireland has been a complete transformation this season, coming from nowhere having had little opportunity under Sven, to dazzle the crowds with some scintillating stuff. I think it is fair to say his phenomenal performances have come when he is playing ‘in the hole’ behind the front man. His ability to spot a pass rivals that of Xabi Alonso, and his ability to find the back of the net rivals that of Fernando Torres. he has one of the best footballing brains at the club and has boosted the team’s morale considerably. He pumps them up when the need to fight, and settles them down when they need to hold a lead. He has guaranteed himself a place in every starting XI whoever City sign. He was always a great passer of the ball, but now he makes more bursts into the box and his eye for goal has really sharpened up. His set piece deliver is consistently dangerous, his link up play is also eye catching, from defence to attack in a second. He has put in some cracking performances this season.

Most Improved Player of the Season – Nedum Onouha

This youngster has come on leaps and bounds and has developed enormously since his academy days. He plays with superb composure for a young player, calm under pressure, distributes well and has phenomenal pace and aggression in the tackle. On performances he would be my first choice centre back in the team. He is a good athlete and with Dunne alongside him, and Given behind him, it is good to see all the defenders now ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’.

Goal of the Season – Robinho ‘vs’ Arsenal – ‘The Chip’

This goal actually blew me away. Not only was it due to the audactiy, but also due to the fact he was trying to pull it off against a pretty good keeper, Almunia! The speed in which he broke was incredible and the way the ball neatly bounced and rolled gently into the back of the not showed what a tidy finish it actually was. I was astonished and amazed, yet then again, nothing can stop this boy trying things like this! Let’s hope he pulls off more stunners like this next season!

Match of the Season – City ‘vs’ Hamburg 2nd Leg

Trailing 3 – 1 from the first leg, City knew they were staring down the barrel of defeat as they took to the hallowed turf of the City of Manchester Stadium, but a monumental effort, both on the pitch from the players, and off it with the fans, will live long in the memory for those who witnessed the spectacle. Rather than anger at the end as would have been expected following a City defeat, the home supporters were content with the effort displayed and although there was disappointment, it was not of the bitter kind.

Moment of the Season – Glauber Berti coming on for 5 minutes!

I need say no more, other than what a reception he was given! Personally, I am not sure whether or not he got the joke, but nevermind! He played with spirit (which most players had lost in the 88th minute of the last game of the season) and he showed real guts! Also, may I add…what a neatly taken throw in!

The Dissapointment of the Season – Micah Richards

Micah has had a very mixed season. he has played some decent stuff at times, mainly towards the end of the season, yet at other times (and it pains me to say it as I am a fan) he has been abysmal. There was a serious lack of apparent committment half way through the season, wherre he clearly could not be bothered. This was clear against Hamburg where he was at fault for their third goal. He always began to run out of steam, or never be willing to put his body on the line (as we saw last season). I am sure however that he will work hard over the summer and get back to his best, because if he does, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Signing of the Season – Shaun Wright-Phillips!

When I say SWP, i do mean the player not the ball boy! (Those of you who go to the games will know what I am talking about!) It is absolutely brilliant to see this whizz-kid back in action and flying. His debut was insane, but nothing short of what we expect from this top young England International. It is great to see him play with confidence, something he lacked whilst at Chelsea. He is never shy to run at defenders (something we lacksed for the previous two seasons) and he does, when he catches it, have a vicious shot that swerves and dips like a Ronaldo freekick. I’m delighted he i playing for us again and at a big profit too! He has scored some crackers, notably his goal against Pompey in the 6-0 rout. He beat David James at his enar post with a deadly shot. More next season please Shauny.

Worst Player of the Season – Gelson Fernandes

He is always kept very busy, and always runs about, but he just is not good enough for this level. His defending is pretty bad, always being brushed to the side. He is a silly little headless chicken who cannot kcik with both feet. He is always either out of position or he gives midfielders like Gerrard far too much room and you cannot afford to do that. The amount of times midefielders are able to walk into our box when he is on the pitch is incredible. He gets beaten too many times, I’m surprised he is good enough for the bench to be honest. Always negative football with Gelson, he never looks to go forward with the ball. Main culprit of silly tackling and giving the ball away.

Dark Horse of the Season! – Felipe Caicedo

Felipe always seems to score when he plays! Yes, I know they are usually tap-ins but at least he still sticks them in the back of the net, unlike Rolando Bianchi! No man should have a body like his, nevermind at the tender age of twenty! He is physical, can’t control a thing, but he still scores, and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what we need!

Best Individual Performance of the Season – Robinho ‘vs’ Stoke 3-0 OR Ireland ‘vs’ Hull 5-1

There are two performances which deserve a mention. The first is Robinho’s performance against Stoke when we beat them 3-0 and he got all three goals. It was a mesmorising display of talent for everyone to see. He scored three superb goals, all worthy of his hefty price tag! It was a scintillating show for the fans, who now adore him! The next performance was also brilliant. Stevie Ireland when we battered Hull 5-1 at home. It was a  simply stunning show from the magician. He ran the show in the first half, creating all four goals, and certainly deserved his goal. It was clear what a fantastic footballer her was becoming. This acted as a catalyst which spurred him on to do greater things on and off the ball.

Save of the Season – Shay Given ‘vs’ Middlesborough from Alfonso Alves

This was simply outrageous! Alfonso Alves, a few yards out and Given somehow manages to save it! It was the sort of chance you would put your house on a striker scoring, but the reflexes of this keeper still stagger me! Top save from a top keeper. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw this. I have been trying to find a decent reply, but have been unable to get one so far. It could have been a very miserable say without this keeper being on incredible form.

Most Reliable Player of the Season – Vincent Kompany followed by Shay Given

You can always rely on this top man! He is an absolute tock and sits very comfortably infront of the back four with his also every so dependable friend Nifty Nige. He has strugn together some great games this season, even playign with several numb toes! He mixes agression with control and is exactly the sort of player we need to replace the wimpering Hamann. I am sure he will have a few more successful seasons at the club, hopefully as skipper. He is energetic and never shys away from a battle. This was evident agains Liverpool at Anfield. He was up against mighty Mascherano and the effervescent Alonso, yet he handled them with apparent ease.

The Unlucky Player of the Season – Joe Hart or Valeri Bojinov

The transfer window was Hart’s downfall. Infact, Joe had not done anything wrong at all throughout the season, yet City were leaking goals left, right and centre. He has been a rock for City, rarely if ever putting a foot wrong. Hart is the reason City were in Europe too, as he saved two penalties against FC Midtjylland. Unfortunatley he will not be involved in the England 1st team as he is just not getting the chances. Playign understudy to Given looks a huge possibility, or else it is inevitable he will be his way out.


p.s all credits for the Hamburg paragraph must go to Steven Goran Eriksson.

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  • Azablue

    I THINK YOUR ABSOLOUTLEY SPOT ON ABOUT THEM ALL. Good gag with the SWP and ball boy, ahaha! I sit in the south stand and saw him a few times, it was quite funny actually.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thank you very very much 🙂 I appreciate your kind words!

    p.s VJ…who is the Stoke player in the picture with Robinho? I cannot figure it out? It’s bugging me!

  • Tom

    Very well written article, only disagree with Caicedo, but I think the reason you put him in ahead of Superman was because Ireland had already won Young Player? Thats what i think anway!

    I agree with Hart, I dont think Boj, cos at least he scored. ball boy joke makes me laugh! I’m lower tier Colin Bell, and sit right near that little lad. Quality!

    Love this feature.

  • gabz

    your bit about SWP… yeah he’s amazing, and he’s the best signing we have made this season… but as for going on to say we have lacked someone who runs at defenders “He is never shy to run at defenders (something we lacksed for the previous two seasons) and he does” is obsured! i think everone will agree that our golden boy of last season Martin Petrov was outstanding at doing that very thing… last season, never had i seen a winger come over in his first season and dazzle with his highly skillful mazing running, blistering pace, quality delivery and rocket of a left foot come to the prem and show no fear as he did! think back to our home game against blackburn last season when petrov ran himself dry within the first half an hour because he was at it non stop.
    i think quite a few city fans have forgotten petrov, as i think you have, but as for basically saying we have not had a winger who can run past people in the past 2 seasons it a very dissapointing statement to make and very disrespectful and unappriciative of petrovs fine efforts in the last campaign.

  • Clive Vestern

    I think this is a good way to end a rather miserable season?

    I agree mostly, but there is one. Zaba has been immense, but just cos he should, Ireland should win it. But i see wat you hav done though, giving Ireland yougn player so i think you have dun a good job.

    Berti…nahh that should be our takeover, but i think it was a good comedy shout to put him in. It was funny! For worst player, I may have gone for Vassell, but still thunk you are correct with Fernandes…what a pile of poo he is.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Tom – thanks, yeah you are right to see where I was coming from!

    Gabz – Sorry, I should have made it clearer. I meant on the the right hand side rather than the left! I apologise if I have caused any offence, I didn’t mean to! You are especially right when you say about the blackburn game, they just couldn’t cope one bit. I have not forgotten him, he just has not really played, so in that respect I guess I could have mentioned him in the ‘Unlucky Player’ bit. Thanks for your analysis.

    Clive – Yeah, I was tempted by Dazz, but he tries so hard I couldn’t bring myself to do it, sorry! Again, your comment is similar to Tom’s. Hope you understand where I am coming from!

    Thanks for all the comments! 🙂

  • I*T*P*L

    Good work Matt, I agree with all of “your” opinions. 😉

    Can’t you, tell, it’s clearly Thomas Sorensen! 😉

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Number 8 VJ…who is he?

    Surely it should be “Can’t you tell, it’s clearly Thomas Sorensen!”? You don’t need the comma after ‘you’?

  • juandeful

    Great article, nice to see my ideas being appreciated. 😀

    I also like your ideas for all of the extra awards.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thanks ‘juandeful’, yes you certainly did inspire me! I thought just to make it a little bit different, and because so much has gone on at City, I thought I would add a few more in!

    Do you think it works?

  • gabz

    no problem, overll i think this is a very nice feature indeed, and over time you are becoming better and better in my opinion. (Y) i presume your only young still?
    keep it up though, just be that little more specific ay lol

  • gabz


  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thank youu Gabz 🙂 yes i ammmm still young! Cheers, I didn’t mean to offend you first time around 😉

  • gabz

    lol no problem, was hardly offending, i just thought it was a little insensitive towards petrov and his one man mission last season, although you soon cleared up your mistake, its hard for any wide player to come in and live up to our expectations though, down the years we have been lucky to own 2 of the best in my opinion, the two being kinkladze and of course the already playing legend that is SWP. i also believe that we have one of the best young wide playing talents in football coming through at the minute vlad weiss’, he’s gonna’ be our ronaldo

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    When Weiss came on in the last game he had a terrific 20 mins, so fingers crossed he could maybe play ‘in the hole’ behind the striker, leave SWP on the right and drop Ireland back a little bit to play with de Jong in the middle. Then drop Dunne and play Kompany and Onouha at the back, with Zabaleta and Bridge (but hopefully a decent left back by the start of next season!) Given in goal, then Petrov on the left, and as Weiss is probably too young to play a whole game, put Robinho ‘in the hole’ and it may look like Tevez up front!

    The subsititutions…if a midfielder gets injured bring him off, let Zaba take his position and put Richards RB. The bring Weiss on for the last 20 minutes for anyone who is tire!

    Ahh I should be the manager! Ahaaha!

    What do you think of the team above?

  • Nic

    Nice feature, do agree with Gabz though when I first read it, but I understand what you are trying to say!

    Your team above sounds good, but like you say, we need another LB, Bridge on 80,000 whoppers a week is an absolute joke

    I like the Dark Horse player! Infact your right, he does always seem to score when he plays, especially at home!

  • juandeful

    I thinks the extra awards do work, and there are some fantastic ideas in there. I would have adsded more to mine, but I didn’t really have time. It would be good to see some of these awards at the official end of season club award ceremonies.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    I totally agree with you, it would be great!

  • gabz

    to be perfectly honest, i think your spot on, we share very very similar views towards the what the team should be as i think the same changes should be appointed, if kompany would have played at the heart of the defence with ned from the start of the season we would have at the very least won 3 more games and gained the 9 points needed to send us into the europa league, as for richards, it pains me that he’s been so shocking, but i more than ever want him to turn it round and become a city legend for the successful seasons ahead in years to come.
    although we can afford any player i find it hard to accept that if we buy players such as tevez, barry, eto’o and henry etc… it is only apparent that the likes of superman, SWP and ‘fab pab zab’ will be forced out of the team.
    although we’ve been linked with every big name in world football there is 1 player at the moment who is blowing me away, and i honestly think that his form in the past 3 months has been nothing but utter and pure gold! and that player is florent Malouda! under hiddink he’s a different player, goals, skill, delivery, pace, power and vision, he actually has got it all, and i would love him at city. joe cole will be back in the chelsea set up soon, and since mikel, lampard, anelka and essien are un-droppable the only logical way to make room for him is to slot him in his favoured left position which malouda is currently occupying in place of him. Malouda will end up being dropped therefore i would love if hughes snapped him up.
    or is it just me thats been really impressed with him of late??
    also we have to think of a partner for Tevez up top, and Eto’o would link up with him well in my mind, thats atleast 30goals a season between ’em

  • gabz

    sorry about the essay lol

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Malouda! That’s a great shout, he has been in the form of his life! Natural left boot, can score, and has scored a fair few! His crosses are sublime, BUT where would you play Petrov?

    If I could sign anyone it would be Phillip Lahm at LB and I would also love Henry to be honest! Then again Hughes likes to only play with 1 striker, with Ireland behind him and if we sign Tevez there may not be room for Henry?

    I think Fab Pab Zab as you call him is superb and I actually think he is the best player in the team! Then again that’s me!

    You can be my assistant when we get appointed 😉 Or vice versa!

    Ahahaa! The essay was good, thanks!

  • I*T*P*L

    I do apologise for my truant comma!

    I know you meant number eight, that’s Tom “Arto” Soares.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Long awaited article and it matches all my high expectations of you!

    Forget all the kerfuffle about writing for another website, this is what you do best, and it’s great to see my suggestions (i.e. most disappointing player and a couple of others) included.

    Obviously I could disagree with a number of things, i.e grammar and Zabaleta for player of the year, but I am in a good mood after a wonderful bowling performance from me today, so I will abstain from criticism.

    Well done on this article, you seem to have attracted a lot of not-so-regular commenters.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thank you Steven, much appreciated 🙂 You’re there for me through thick and thin so I can only thank you!

    Yeah bit of the grammar is off, sorry! What else do you not like, or what would you have liked to see?

    I seem to have attracted a lot of new people like you say! I’m happy about that! Especially ‘Gabz’ – she seems lovely, we have struck a chord 🙂

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    How did you bowl?

  • Alex D

    Guys, I think we now know, after this article, that Matt is actually an enthusiastic and decent writer, so I think everyone should forget about the ‘kerfuffle’ as ‘Steven Goran Eriksson’ calls it and admire this article

  • omfg

    Good one mate

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    ‘omfg’ I thought you were a demagogic extremist judging by your earlier comments of hatred. However now, something I never thought I would get from you, a compliment, has been given! I’m shocked yet delighted! Why thank you!

  • Allan

    I have to do my comment honestly and here are my opinions

    Player of Season – Ireland
    Young Player – Onouha
    Dissspointment – Micah
    Best Game – Arsenal
    Best Individual Performance – Robbie v Stoke
    Best Signing – Zaba
    Worst Player – Hamann
    Unlucky – Hart
    Reliable – Kompany or De Jong
    Most Memorable – Being purchased by those bloody rich guys!

    Howver having said that, i still enjoyed the article. It was written with finesse and even though we do no agree in some areas, you still have a very valid point and you express you passion and opinions very well. I hope you appreciate the way I have ‘kept it nice’ like you wished for! Good job, i enjoyed reading it so i have to commend you. Nice way to finish the campaign!

  • I*T*P*L

    Sorry to piss on the bonfire here, but is this the same Eto’o that just scored on his way to victory in the Champions League final, and the same Malouda who just won the FA Cup?

    Until you’re winning trophies you won’t be able to attract this calibre of player.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Money is a very very powerful tool VJ, and as Gabz says, Malouda will be dropped soon so it is a distinch possibility. Therefore I beg to differ!

    Steven, I noticed Du Plessis hit 78no from 49 balls today including 13 fours and 2 sixes! Incredible! He’s an absolute legend!

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    p.s thanks Allan for your kind words! I do see where you are coming from, but am still backing my choices 😉

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Bloody hot today – only mid 70’s and considering I’ve got to play in the mid 100’s in the summer, it will be virtually impossible.

    Personally, I took/got 6.1, 2, 6, 3 🙂

    FAF = God, I’m just watching the highlights on sky now. Saj’s first two overs, 2, 1, 6, 1. Last two overs, 2, 0, 27, 0. Typical Saj.

    But what is Allan on about with Hamann for worst player. If the Germand legend ever departs our club, which I’m sure he will this summer, I will have to write a little goodbye to him. Absolute gentleman, met him at an England – India ODI at the good Old Trafford. Really nice guy, knows his cricket as well. Been unlucky with injury this season but would have probably been edged out by VK and NdJ anyway.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Your performance was otustanding, thats incredible! Did you bat, with your infamous leaves 😉

    FAF is just amazing, my favourite player 🙂 then again nothing’s changed there! He was level pegging with Croft, but atm he is just edging it!

    Allan…don’t abuse him, ive got him on my side now! He may well comment on your blogs so you need to keep him satisfied! I understand why he has put him there, probably due to frustration at breaking a toe after kicking a ball! Yet I also understand where you are coming from!

    Thanks for the comment and well done on today!

  • Allan

    Spot on, how can a professional footballer break his toe after kicking a ball? To me that signals the end of a career. “Steven Goran Eriksson” i am just fustrated mate!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Cheers Matt, I bowled three overs of pace, never been so knackered in my life, then bowled spin: 3.1, 2, 1, 3!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to display my, ahem, undoubted batting talents. I was next in but our other batsman won it for us.

    Allan, sorry for having a go, but I’ve met Hamann, so just like Matt adores Ched Evans, I have an affinity to Didi. Last season, he was a top player, but I agree that this season has been a bit disappointing for him.

    When I went to Santander, he was the absolute pits. One of the worst performances I have ever seen. But I still love him 🙂

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Three overs of pace! Ahaha, I can’t imagine that!

    Yeah, you love Didi like I love Ched 🙂 Good summary there!

    p.s Steven how funny would it be if it was actually allan truman! Ahaha!

    Thanks for all the brill comments people 🙂

  • gabz

    yeah i’ll let you have an input on the team i guess lol, only kiddin’
    but in all seriousness though… i think we’ll eventually employ the 2 upfront as thats whats he opted for whilst at blackburn. we just dont have the right blend at he minute with the strikers we have, i would love to see Jo given a chance, because i really do believe he is a quality player, as seen at everton, when played right up top with a fellow striker just behind for support he’s actually a very very dangerous player, and very skillful, his downfall is his carmness though, he needs to be more upbeat and lively for this demanding league. i would love for us to go for 3 upfront using wing forwards rather than wing backs (obviously in effect this is the 5 man midfield) and although i love Petrov and would love it if he was fit and well we need to look at in a realistic way, he’s soon to be 31, and we all know pace is something that all players lose eventually, plus he is injury prone, it amazed me how we constantly kept him fit during the sven era! as for your shout for phillip lahm… he’s actually a player i want and the club myself, and i do strongly believe we would get him, he’s not getting 1st team football now at munich whch amazes me to be perfectly honest because he’s a world class act with everything needed to be the best in his position. £20million fee and a 4year £90k p/w salary would seal it no doubt, and in my opinion it would be money well spent!
    in a dream world my team would line up as such:

    GK – Given
    RB – Carvalho(as he was originally a RB)
    CB – Kompany
    CB – Onuoha
    LB – Lahm
    RM – SWP
    CM – Ireland
    CDM- De Jong
    LM – Malouda
    SS – Robinho
    CF – Eto’o or Henry (would take any)

    surely that team would compete for titles??

  • Stanley

    Good Article.

    You missed out Dunney though.

    The “I didn’t win an Award”, Award. Awarded to Dunney, as everyone else seems to have got one.

    Only joking!!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Why can’t you imagine me bowling 3 overs of pace? That was my career for 6 years, before deciding that it was less effort to bowl spin 😉

    Haha – when I first saw ‘Allan’ – Truman popped into my head!!

    Would love Lahm as you and Gabz says, but only worry is that he is right footed, and if we left out Petrov and Bojinov, then we would have no left footers in the team!!

    Disagree with Gabz that he is not getting first team football. He has been their first choice left back for ages, but has had a small injury towards the end of the season.

    Personally, I would like something like this:

    GK — Given
    RB — Zabaleta
    CB — Kompany
    CB — Onuoha
    LB — Zhirkov (but he will go to Chelsea, so get Clichy instead)
    DM — De Jong
    CM — Ireland
    CM — Barry
    RW — SWP
    ST — Eto’o
    LW — Robinho

    Hanhemann (from Reading, send Hart out on loan)
    Naughton (from Sheff Utd)


  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thanks for the comments, I love the way you ‘Gabz’ have got the deal for Lahm already sorted out! 😉

    GK — Given
    RB — Zabaleta
    CB — Kompany
    CB — Onuoha
    LB — Lahm
    DM — De Jong
    CM — Ireland
    CM — Alonso
    RW — SWP
    LW — Robinho
    ST — Henry

    Joe Cole

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    No left footer for you Matt!! 🙁

    And how would you buy Joe Cole to put him on the bench??? But Alonso is a good shout. Change him for Barry in my team.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Steven, check VJ’s blog comment by me. Not happy with you. Also, what private email made me do it? I told you I was going to do it because I had seen juandeful’s? THEN I asked you what you thought? So I don’t understand how it was your email that made me decide to do it?

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Matt, calm down, you’ve got the wrong end of stick. Read my comment again, and in the meantime, I will wait for an apology … 🙂

  • David Johnson

    This is the first time that I have stumbled across this blog and I must say that I have gone and read some of the other pieces on this website. This is a well written article but I do think that some of your votes are wrong, like Zabaleta for player of the season. It has clearly been Ireland, but you say at the top to keep it nice, so I will.

    I read dhoward87’s article and thought that it was really good, and I don’t know what all the fuss was about.

    I read some of the previews and reviews from Steven Goran Eriksson and they were also very good, so it looks like this website has some good promising writers. I will certainly check this site much more often in the future.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thanks David, glad you ejoyed reading it! I knew the Zabaleta choice would cause controversy!

  • Is this a joke?

    Possibly the worst blog I have ever seen. None of your choices are correct and you write like a 3 year old. Not impressed with this!

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thanks, you obviously didn’t read it as it says at the top;

    “Please can I say, before we start, these are all personal opinions, so if you want to comment, don’t slate who I have put where, let me know what you think. Let’s keep this nice shall we?”

    Who would you have put where then seeing as though you are obviously right?

  • Is this a joke?

    Player of the season: Ireland
    Young player of the season: Onuoha
    Improved player of the season: Ireland
    Goal of the season: Ireland – first leg against Hamubrg
    Match of the season: Pompey, 6-0
    Moment of the season: Being taken over
    Disappointment of the season: Robinho
    Signing of the season: Zabaleta
    Worst player of the season: Johnson
    Dark Horse of the season: Ireland
    Best Performance of the season: Elano, Hamburg second leg
    Save of the season: Hart, Paris Saint German, kept scores at 0-0
    Most Relaible player of the season: Zabaleta
    Most Unlucky player of the season: Vassell, started season erally well, then got injured.


  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Mate, how can you go for Robinho as disappointment of the season. I know I give him a bit of stick, but he has been out top scorer, and although he has been poor away from home, there are loads more players who have been a bigger diappointment than him.

    I think you have a good shout for Elano’s performance of the season though. But I think you need to realise that Ireland can’t win all the awards/ In the main article, Matt decided that if Ireland won a certain award, he couldn’t also win another award that is linked to the first one.

    It’s not as easy as you think though. Both me and Matt came up with some different answers as he was planning this, so it takes a lot of thought and consideration to write this blog.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    The way I did it was if the player had already won an award then they wouldn’t get another one. For example you have given Ireland 4 awards and Zabaleta 2???

    Right, well we are all entitled to our opinion, I think I am right, and you think you are right. We’ll just have to leave it like that. But judging by other comments on here, then there are a few people who do agree with me.


  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thank you Steven, I think you get the message across very well and in a calm manner 🙂


    Personally, not got a clue what the guy is on about above, i think he is wrong actually, in almost all of his selections! I loved this article, nice to see a few of them going around for the different teams on this site.

    Love the way you are clearly passionate about the club mate, its brilliant.

    I agree Zabaleta should be player of the season, he’s been incredible! I’m also sure Richards will come good next season, like you sya, he just needs to work hard.

    Fantastic one off article, really enjoyed it and very good selections and well written summaries, congratulations!

  • Nicky

    Nice work mate, pretty good stuff!

    Take ti your favourite player is either Evans or Zabaleta! Ha! Don’t blame you really, both outstanding on their day.

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Thanks for all the comments 🙂

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Evans – outstanding on his day ???

    I think you’ve got a friend, Matt 🙂

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    I’m chuffed! Finally someone agrees!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Haha – It took a while!!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Reading over them again, I’ve got a feeling that both comments 53 and 54 are you Matt. Now own up if I’m right, or just slate me if I’m wrong, but tell the truth!!!

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    Sorry to say Steven…i’m going to have to slate you!

    How very dare you! No it’s not me, I thought It was you or Ricky (rhymes with Nicky!) taking the piss?

    Then again I thought comment no. 47 and 49 were you!

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    To be honest…I edited them, so they may look a bit like my style of writing, because otherwise you cannot understand them. However I did not change a word, just expanded ‘u’ to ‘you’, ‘fink’ to ‘think’, ‘abuv’ to ‘above’ e.t.c 🙂

  • Dave

    It’s good but it ain’t great? I disagree with three of them, Zabaleta, Richards and Robinho’s as the best goal.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    No problem, I was just taken aback that someone else thought Ched was good 😛

  • CHED EVANS IS MY HERO! Zabaleta I Love You :) (author)

    How very dare you Steven!

    Okay Dave, we are all entitled to our opinion, like I have said before!

  • I*T*P*L

    Steven, can you talk me through inserting a youtube video please, I’m trying but it’s not working. Ta

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    Thought you were such a pro at these things …

    Go onto youtube, get the correct video, copy the url from the top right hand corner, click add media, paste the url, click insert into post, click save into changes. It will then appear in your writing. The url will then be in purple, you need to perss the back arrow (just above enter on the keyboard) so that the url appears black. Then press save and it should e ok from there. Let me know.

  • I*T*P*L

    Many thanks, I was doing all that up to pressing the back arrow part so I’ll see now. How did your exam go?

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    No problem, hope it works. Latin was split into 4 parts, the first 2 were quite tough, harder than I thought they should have been. But the second 2 were pretty good. How was economics and what was up with Seligman?

  • I*T*P*L

    I still can’t make it work. At best it does that think where it doesn’t show and everything beneath it is highlighted in red, and at words it simply shows as a black version of the url and nothing more. Any more thoughts?

    I was pleased with economics on the whole, the first paper was middling but I thought the second one was very easy. What happened with Selig? I know nothing of this.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    With Seligman, he completed the first paper fine (I think), but then he finished the second paper within about 20 minutes and just sat there doing nothing. The examiner then said he could leave the room, so with about an hour of the exam still to go, he left. I’m not sure if he finished the paper, or just couldn’t do any of the questions and gave up, but it did seem very odd.

    Another idea for the video. I tried this last night for a blog that is in the offing. Copy the url as before from youtube, then just paste it into the blog (without going onto add media etc), and then press back space. It should work.

  • I*T*P*L

    Strange and interesting. I can’t see how he couldn’t do any of the questions unless he did no revision whatsoever, but even then they were not hard.

    I’ll try that. When you say press backspace, am I to do that at the end of the url? When I tried that it simply deleted the link and it just showed the word in black.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Copy the url from youtube, paste it into the blog, then it should appear in purple. Then press backspace, so it appears in black. Then save.

  • I*T*P*L

    But when I press backspace it just removes the link and it appears in the post just as the url as part of the text.

    Where am I supposed to have clicked before I press backspace?

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    Pretend that this is the url: sjlgfalkfhgask;hg;alskg;hs;ghaX

    When you have got it in purple, click after the final digit, in this case, the X. Perss backspace and it should work.

  • I*T*P*L

    That’s what I’ve been doing but it simply removes the link and publishes the url as if it was normal text. Oh well, if I can’t make it work I’ll just put a link to the video.

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    Well I don’t know what to say on top of what I previously said. I will trust your judgement to do what you think is right.

    I’m currently in the process of doing a player rating’s article for the whole season (similar to your one). It takes a while doesn’t it!!

  • I*T*P*L

    Yeah, well I think it may just be a glitch with my computer or blogsfc or youtube, I’ll try again later.

    It does take a long time, mine was 3,500 words long in the end but you don’t realise because it’s all separated. Please watch your wrongful use of apostrophes, that really grinds my gears.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    You’ mean m’y error in co’mment 76? That is merely a typo. 🙂

  • I*T*P*L

    Ye’s I do.

  • I*T*P*L

    I’ve had to abandon the article with the video now, as my video was removed from youtube for copyright infringement!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Oh dear , what was the article about?

    Can you do it without the video?

  • I*T*P*L

    It was our top ten goals of the season spliced together from MOTD clips I downloaded. It would have been pretty dull without it, I’ve deleted the draft now anyway.

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    I remember you telling me about that. It sounded very good.

    I’ve just finished by 3447 word player ratings article, so that will be published on Saturday evening. Took ages and it’s not my funniest, with only 3 moments of humour, but it sums up the player over the season well (I hope).

    What exams have you got left? Anything apart from Stats? Oh, by the way, Plattsy, Searle and I, and maybe a couple of others, will see if we can get a teacher to spend a couple of lunchtimes with us, going over how to use the calculator. Would you be interested?

  • I*T*P*L

    I look forward to reading it.

    Just stats left for me now.

    Would that be the graphical calculator or the basic one? Because I don’t have a graphical one. If it’s the basic one it would be worthwhile for me and I’d be interested.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Yes, it’s the grphical one. Sorry 🙁

  • I*T*P*L

    No good for me then, oh well. I’m confident for stats anyway.

  • Steven Goran Eriksson

    Yes, you are a stats god.

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