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Marotta: Just Another Secco or the New Moggi at Juventus?

After the season has ended football talks move from the team performance to how clubs will move on the transfer market. Fans of Juventus F.C. has been used to the disappointment of Juventus’ transfer activities every year since 2006. There has been failures after failures on the transfer front that has seen the club’s decline in performance.  Much of this was thanks to the former Sporting Director of Juventus, the infamous Alessio Secco. It was Secco who signed players like Poulsen, Tiago Mendes, Grygera, Grosso, Knezevic, Amauri, Iaquinta and give them high wages. Secco’s only decent signing was Sissoko who was a beast in midfield but cannot make even the simplest pass. Secco’s bad decisions on transfer market saw Juve went to finish 7th on the table in 2010. It was intolerable for a club like Juventus, a revolution is needed, starting from overhauling the management. Andrea Agnelli was appointed as the club’s president and Secco was replaced by Giuseppe Marotta, the former Sampdoria Sporting Director that managed to build a mid-table team to finish in the top-4 and qualified for the Champions League. Many Juventus fans were delighted to see the name Agnelli taking control of the club once again and the much maligned Secco out from the club to be replaced by better transfer guru.

One year from that appointment and we saw Juventus finish 7th place again, failing to qualify for European football. The former coach, Luigi Del Neri inevitably and deservedly took the blame for the team’s failure. While Del Neri has a great tactical mind, his mental was not suited to a team like Juventus that are always looking to challenge for trophy. Del Neri was satisfied with draws against the smaller teams, a wrong attitude for a team like Juventus. But it’s not only Del Neri who took the blame, many fans also blame Marotta for some poor dealing in the transfer market. Some even calls for a change of Sporting Director again. They feel that Marotta is just another Secco, that he cannot build the team to be a winning team again. Many has also called for the return of Moggi before he was banned for life. Is Marotta just another Secco? Or is he on road to become the next Moggi?



Based on Marotta’s dealings on the transfer market last season and on this transfer market so far, he’s on road to become a new Moggi, in the sense that he’s building a winning Juventus. Marotta did some mistake in his first year. Here are some of his mistakes:

1. Letting Trezeguet and Camoranesi go. Trezeguet and Camoranesi was old, but compared they still had something to offer considering how the 2010-2011 season went. Juventus demise in that season started at the first match after the winter break, the match against Parma. It was when the team lost it’s goalscorer and Krasic who was the team’s main attacking threat was having a decline in form. Trezeguet and Camoranesi’s presence at that time would have ensure that the team can keep up their good performance from the first half of the season.

2. Not signing Caceres and signed Motta and Traore for the fullback role. Caceres did great in his  the time he was on loan from Barcelona. He did some mistakes due to his recklessness, but compared to how Motta and Traore performed in the 2010-2011 season Caceres presence would have seen Juventus have one good fullback. But, to be fair to Marotta, Motta’s disastrous performance was not expected at all. He was seen as the next great fullback to hail from Italy as he showed some potential when playing with AS Roma.

3. Signing Martinez for € 12 million. Juventus were in need of a left winger to play in Del Neri’s 4-4-2 formation and while Martinez played in the left for his former team, it was as a left forward in the 4-3-3 formation. He’s more of a forward than a traditional winger and he couldn’t adapt to the 4-4-2 formation although it was partly due to his fitness condition.

While Marotta did those mistakes, fans should not forget that Marotta did some good transfers in that season too, namely the arrival of Krasic, Sorensen, Bonucci, Quagliarella, Matri, and to some extent Pepe. Also, it is worth to notice that Marotta didn’t have much fund to work with that season due to the poor management before him and he has the task of overhauling the team. The players signed by the previous management all have high wages and it was hard to sell them to other clubs to raise fund, as evidence Juventus only managed to sell Poulsen and Diego for a good amount. Considering the situation back then and his tasks, Marotta did a good job. Moving on to this season’s dealings and we can further see that Marotta is building a winning team. So far Marotta has managed to take care of the fullback problem and sign a world class playmaker  for just € 10 million. And if Arturo Vidal (who is rumored to be almost certain to join Juventus for € 12 million), Giuseppe Rossi, and a good left winger also joins then Marotta would have build a team capable of challenging for trophy.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eddie

    23 July, 2011 at 16:41

    Marotta and Moggi should never be compared, Marotta took a team which only had potential to reach the europa league and day by day works hard and intelligently to build a squad that can compete for the title. Moggi convinced other teams to let they’re players go through Mafia like methods and to ensure his wins he had to lower himself to buying refs.

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