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New Stadium Plans confirmed

The summer may be a time when a lot of clubs are off on their summer holidays, players getting hitched or the manager is out looking for some European talent, but at Everton behind the scenes the action has been frantic.

Some fans may be a touch disappointed to see other teams activley working on their transfer targets, but only really Fulham have actually made new additions, and Sunderland have released 8. Everything else centres around Chelsea bringing in Scolari and who may arrive or leave the bridge according to the tabloids.

 Everton meanwhile have finally got the wheels in motion for their long awaited new stadium plans, murmours have been on and off for years, an unpopular suggestion of ground sharing with their red neighbours was a non starter.

Now the local council have approved plans for a £400m scheme which includes a 50,000 seater stadium and Tesco superstore in kirkby, Merseyside. Due to the size of the plan though, this will mean nothing if permission is not granted by the North West government, which is why the idea is now sat.
The pros and for those in favour will be the increased revenue within the community and the jobs created, Everton fans will then be treated to a brand new home ground. Hoever, those against the idea highlight the increased traffic, especially on match days.

 So North West Government, you decide……..

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