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Paris Saint-Germain: Splashing the PSG cash to re-instate their French dominance

Paris Saint Germian were the powerhouse of French football. They were made up of the world’s finest including Ronaldinho, Makelele, Pauleta and Nikolas Anelka. However, as of late they have slipped down the rankings of French football and have been surpassed by the likes of Lille, Lyon and Marseille. After the 2006/07 season there was a desperate cry for an improvement as they finished 15th in Ligue 1. Much to the disappointment of the fans as they were seen as a laughing stock of the big French clubs. The following season saw them fall further finishing 16th, only three points from the relegation zone. They were in need of a footballing renaissance, an investor, a game-winner. They were taken over by Colony Capital , and Butler Capital Investments. PSG went from 16th to 6th in a season, a huge improvement. The previous season has seen them finish 2nd, securing their place in the Champions League, but if they were to dominate Europe as well as France then they would need to bring in some big names for a big plan.

PSG may have taken a leaf out of the Real Madrid, Manchester City and Russian side Anzhi’s school of ownership. Which simply seems that the motto is ‘if you can’t beat them, buy them.’ It did work for Manchester City who won the FA Cup last year and won the prestigious Premier League title the following year, after snatching it in the last second with a goal from Kun Aguero in the last kick of the game to take the trophy away from local rivals Manchester United. Anzhi bought one of the best players on the globe to Russia, Samuel Eto’o. Regarded as the best African player ever to grace the game he has taken Anzhi to the Europa League and 5th in the Russian Premier League. Real Madrid however doesn’t have to bring in players by the use of money, they boast a glorious history and possess a team of superstars every player wishes to be a part of. Real Madrid bought in a wealth of talent such as Kaka, Benzema, Ozil, and set the record transfer fee after buying Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid went on to win the La Liga trophy, and a variety of individual honors were recognised.

All the excitement began when the owners of PSG announced a €200 million investment in the transfer window. The possibilities were endless and the impact was immediate as huge names from across the globe were being introduced to the French squad. In order to retain the reputation of the French footballing giants they once were, every position was strengthened. They covered every position, thinking tirelessly on who to use. The first of many was Maxwell, a Brazilian defender from Barcelona who had years of experience. Surprisingly shortly after Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed. A Swedish international who is considered one of the very best as he owns a wealth of top flight experience both domestically and internationally. This caused a global phenomenon as PSG were always in the headlines of every sports section. 2 more Brazilian defenders were added to the squad with the inclusion of Alex and Thiago Silva. Two Argentinians were signed also, Javier Pastore and Lavezzi who had an amazing time at Napoli, re-asserting their force in the Italian game. The French side couldn’t help themselves and signed Thiago Motta and Nene to add to their star studded squad. The talking heated as they signed 20 year old Brazilian prodigy Lucas Moura. He was linked with Manchester United and Chelsea. PSG had snatched the player away from England, much to the fury of Sir Alex Ferguson, who criticised their over spending.

The much anticipated first game came against Lorient. They had finished 17th last season, One space from the relegation zone. It was supposed to be an easy start for the French giants. All eyes were on Paris Saint Germain who were desperate to re-instate their power all over France. They put to the field a strong squad, which included Lavezzi, Maxwell, Nene and of course Ibrahimovic. The deadlock was broken early on in the game, the only problem was Lorient scored the goal, or to be correct PSG did. The ball trickled across the goal and Maxwell had spooned the ball into his own goal, no matter how many years of experience you have, it is still possible to make mistakes. On the stroke of half time Jeremaine Aliadiare cut across the Paris box to strike a ball in the low right corner to give Lorient a 2-0 lead. Paris would have to respond with something special in order to save their reputation. In the 67th minute a cross from Nene met the towering Imbrahimovic who chested the ball over his marker to scuff the ball over the line. PSG back in the game but there was still unfinished business. In the 89th minute Zlatan stepped up to take a penalty, he slotted the ball in an identical place to his first goal and PSG were spared humiliation and took only a point away from the game. It seemed that if they were going to take over France, Carlo Ancelotti had a lot to prepare for, as the French Ligue 1 is going to be a tough nut to crack.

It was however, their first game and they may need a close eye as the challenge may be entertaining. Or if all else fails, there is still the January transfer window.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. harrycochrane

    16 August, 2012 at 17:59

    There’s the newly elected socialist French government and then there’s PSG throwing money around… haha.

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