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Paul Scholes £30,000 car Stolen!

29 January 2013 by

Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes had his car stolen when he left his car running while De-frosting it on his Driveway.The 38 year old who is arguably one of the greatest players that ever played for Manchester United and has retained his class and form throughout his long and glorious career,now you ask the question how can a man of this class get his car stolen by such a simple mistake well it really happened. The 38-year-old former England midfielder had gone back inside his home while ice melted on the windscreen of his Chevrolet Captiva LT 2 Estate.When he came back out of the house between 7.45am and 8am the car had gone.This also goes for all of you who read this don’t leave your cars out running on the driveway if it can happen to a world class player it can surely happen to a random ordinary citizen. Be safe!

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