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Pele And Robinho In New Bust-Up

31 March 2009 by

(EDITED TO AVOID CONFUSION – This is part of a series of articles taking the mickey out of press coverage of Manchester City. It is not intended to be believed).

Legendary senile Brazilian footballer Pele, 97, today apologised and claimed that he was misquoted again after Manchester City failure Robinho threatened to sue him for the second time in a week. “Maybe there’s been a misunderstanding because I didn’t say he enjoyed clubbing seals to death at all, maybe they took him the wrong information,” Pele said in comments broadcast on Brazilian television. “I was merely comparing the stigma of being accused of clubbing seals to death with the stigma of being accused of leaving a training camp without permission. Although I didn’t mention the second bit.”

Robinho is disgracefully no better than fourth leading scorer in the Premiership at the time of writing despite the obscene amount of money paid for him in a secret deal. It is known that City manager Mark Hughes only found out about the signing when Robinho walked into a press conference and handed Hughes a Kaka shirt as a getting to know you present.

(DISCLAIMER: Blue Loon blog contributions should in general be accorded the same trust as articles on Manchester City Football Club appearing in The Sun or the Daily Mirror).

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  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    No offence, but not the most intersting, detailed or informative article ever written.
    This Robinho-Pele drugs thing is a fairly old stroy, with Pele declaring days ago how he was misquoted, after Robinho threatened to take him to court.

    Then you say how disgraceful it is that Robinho is only the fourth best goalscorer in the Premership (the correct term would be Premier League. This is a quite frankly preposterous exclamation. I’m no big fan of the lad, but he is only behind Anelka, Gerrard and Ronaldo, all players who play for the big four, and therefore have teammates of much higher quality than City; those who are capable of creating much more chances.

    What is with that little thing a the bottom about the DISCLAIMER? I hope you’re not copy and pasting!!!

    In the future, please try and improve and don;t bring the quality of posts on the Man ity board down, as you are doing a disservice to the other two posters on here.

  • davo

    What on erath is this article about. It just tells lies about City. Steven I am glad you also object to this absolute rubbish. This writer should be sacked off.

  • davo

    Typo, earth*

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You're Not Bad Either ;)

    Helloooo there!

    I do agree, bit pointless, bit short and overall nothing we have not heard before.

    Try and do something new, like my friend and I have been doing?

    Hope you don’t take this in a rude way, it’s only advice.

    Steven, you harsh guy!

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Davo, sorry I don’t know who you are but I am one of Steven’s friends and I agree with you!

  • blueloon (author)

    You seem to be entirely missing the point. This is supposed to be humour. You might not think it’s funny – I fully accept that – but surely you don’t miss the intention? The piece is poking fun at the tabloids, not at City. I mean, come on. Clubbing seals? Kaka shirt? ONLY the fourth best goalscorer (when the media are saying he’s done nothing)? And the disclaimer’s to confirm the article isn’t to be taken seriously. Look, there may be no room for fun in your world, but in mine it’s a better way of getting a point across than ranting and raving. If your view is the view of others, then fine, but if not, there’ll be a fair few more of these.

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    Well, I’m afraid if you read my posts, and all the posts of Ched Evans ……., then you will find some proper remnants of humour. Go and have a look at these – you might learn something!

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Can’t wait, you fiesty little bundle of fun!

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Steven I love the way you said ‘Ched Evans………’ because you couldn’t be bothered!

    Loveee itt!

  • blueloon (author)

    To be clear, I’m a City supporter through and through of over 40 years standing, and I despise what the media are doing to My club. The intention is to mickey-take tabloid articles – same quick fire layout, but with the lies extended to a ridiculous level. Satire, in other words, which I truly thought people would be clever enough to see without the need for an explanation like this. Something to make people smile and say, “Yes, the papers are nearly as bad as that.”

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Oh….i still don’t really understand but what the hey!

    I am an avid MCFC fan too, so that’s why I do articles on player’s performances, player of the month, individual reports e.t.c so people can learn something…

  • blueloon (author)

    Re 6 – I highly doubt it. That said, I’ll wait for comments from people who aren’t writers on the blog, and if they hate it, I won’t do any more. But you’ll forgive me if I judge on the basis of readers rather than writers, who might have a humour rating that extends to Monty Python and Have I Got News For You rather than sticking with Benny Hill.

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    Blue Loon – or should I call you Blue Looney??

    I’m afraid that although I comprehend your humour, I still find it makes me laugh less than City losing to Accrington Stanley. You might think you’re funny, but others don’t.

  • michael williams

    I have read the majority of posts on this blog from the previous wiriters, and have found them to be fantastic and highly readable. they contain delightful depths of humour whilst at the same time, giving the reader, like myself, some valuable information.

    I am afraid to say that this article is pointless because it takes a disjointed look att what the papers have exactly said. Please stop wiriting, and if you see post 11, you will realise that you need to stop.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Don’t take it so personally, we’re trying to help you? Can’t you see that?! It’s called advice, but you obviously don’t take criticism very well either…

    Personally, i’m not going to lie..i have a blooming fantastic sense of humour, prehaps more so than yourself, I often do comedy gigs for the students and I am a man in demand. You should come down and watch one night?

    I prefer Mock The Week to Have I Got News For You and often gain material from my imagination…something you are lacking by looking at this article?

    Calm down dear…

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Please feel free to comment on my blogs, I would really appreciate your thoughts…thanks!

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    To now delve into individual comedians ………

    I think myself and Ched Evans ……… pride ourself on Jason Manford – An avid City supporter who is thoroughly hilarious, but constantly updates his material, bringing all types of people together in their quest for one thing.

    On the other hand, you seem to admire the work of Iranian comedian Omid Djalili. A funny guy at first, but all his material is based on the same feature. Your audience rapidly loses interest and you start to lose admirers.

  • blueloon (author)

    As I said, I’ll give it 24 hours. If it doesn’t go down well with non-contributors, I won’t post any more here (but I will elsewhere, where territory is not so highly prized and different approaches don’t cause resentment).

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    and where would these other places be??? Because we don;t wwant you copy and pasting.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    No, ‘blueloon’ you are missing the point, we do not object to it at all, infact we welcome change, but we wan’t you to write articles on matters which are directly associated with the club, and individual players and their performances e.t.c.

    It has not caused resentment and this territoy is open for whoever wants to use it, we have no objection at all…like i said, I personally welcome it…

  • blueloon (author)

    You seem to have a bit of an obsession with this “copy and pasting.” No, I didn’t copy and paste. As an intellectual property lawyer by trade, I’m not inclined to take the constructions of others and claim them as my own. I have my own blog, which it may be (depending on further reactions) I am better advised to stick with.

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    where can i find other pieces of your work. i would be interested to read some more.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    A property lawyer, really? I would in taxation law at the moment, a change for me having previously worked as an accountant for PwC. How long have you worked in property law for?

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Sorry, i meant to say I ‘work’, not ‘would’ as it says!

  • I*T*P*L

    I think like most that this is bitingly unfunny, but well done for the effort. This site is generally used for serious amateur journalism though, which is probably why you’ve had the negative reaction to your article, which is clearly not serious. Also, michael williams, are you Steven?

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Ahaha, i was thinking that too VJ!

    Blueloon, what are your opinions of Ched Evans?

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    Michael was not me. I would not spend any more of my precious time on morons like this writer than I have to.

  • blueloon (author)

    CE, that’s INTELLECTUAL property law, meaning patents, trade marks, copyright and so forth.

    And SGE, what kind of “work”? Manchester City related. Well, apart from the blog, which I’m not disclosing here at present, the only other City article I have is an old one and the Footballing World site seems to be down at present – part of it appears at

    Other work? Various published short stories and a novel in November. Not much on the web. Try this:-

  • blueloon (author)

    Re the unprovoked moron comment in 26. Clear enough now what I’m dealing with here. Thank you for your time.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Oh right, I understand, it’s a big change for me, i’m just settling into it.

    I’m a tax analysist, working with the corporate side of things, very interesting.

    Ignore SGE

  • blueloon (author)

    Ha! I’m struggling with twenty pages of tax warranties on a company acquisition. The contract stuff – no problem – that’s part of my expertise too (commercial contracts). But tax? Man, I don’t have a clue. I don’t even understand my own. As you probably know, tax law is a very specialised field, and even when the specialists explain it my eyes go blank.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Ouch, sounds like you have an awful lot of work.

    Yes, tax is certainly specialised. I’m only young but I successfully combined my law course with commercial law, tax law and legal theory at university. Although tough work (hence why I worked with PwC for a while immediately after) i thought I best make the most from my degree!

  • blueloon (author)

    Oh, and on SGE. Fine, no problem. I’m too long in the tooth for personal insults from folks I’ve never met and will never meet to bother me. But I do this for fun in a busy life, and I’m not inclined to fight battles on ownership issues. I thought the piss-takes would make folks laugh. The latest, from my blog (cut and paste – heh) is:-

    “Manchester United today announced an intention to compete with local rivals Manchester City on the use of inflatables. “We do admit that City had the idea first,” said a spokesman for the Stretford-based club, “but with our sponsors in such trouble and with the size of our debt we need as much cash flowing in as possible. And we do think we’ve taken the idea to an entirely new level.”

    Competing with other local non-Manchester teams like Bury, Bolton and Oldham is a full-time task for the United commercial office, but they hope to make a killing with the new inflatables. “They are designed as full scale replicas of the players”, the spokesman said. “The intention is that fans will take them into the ground and sit on them. Most models are doing well, but we’re not selling many of John O’Shea.””

    Probably not funny either. But that’s the style. I thought it might be a good fit here. I’ve been pretty much convinced so far that it isn’t. So I’ll plough a lone furrow. Best with the blog, CE.

  • blueloon (author)

    You should extend at some point into intellectual property. In a recession, it’s an area that stays afloat. People always find the money to protect commercial ideas and commercial names, but the property (land) market goes flat. Tax, I dunno.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    Tax is a difficult one, firms are trying to stay out of the red at the moment, hence why analyists are called in to delve into the problem of tax, to find a fairer method of getting it paid, causing the least amount of issues as possible.

    I agree with you.

    Please continue to write on here, it’s good to have some variation. Please hav a look at ones I have done previously.

  • blueloon (author)

    I certainly will look at yours. But I’ll steer clear of contributing again, I think.

  • Derry

    Blueloon – well I laughed if it is any consolation mate.

    Ignore these other muppets and keep the faith – clearly rags in disguise!

  • Blue Moon

    I feel that i have to pick up on the use of muppet ‘Derry’. As an avid reader of the MCFC blog, i feel that CHED and S(te)ven are correct in their feelings that the blog should not be littered with the writings as we see above. This is clearly a waste of space on this website. The other two main writers (CHED and S(te)ven) produce good quality work and it is clear that plenty of time and effort is spent writing the blogs. The humour comes with the good quality blog. This above blog, i feel, is written in a manner where the humour is trying to be forced through, very unsucessfully. I do not think that S(te)ven is trying to force you out of writing on the blog (please correct me if i am wrong) but all he is trying to do, as a journalist of the blog, is to keep the website as a whole, but especially this section of the blog, up to an extremely good standard.

  • blueloon (author)

    How many pseudonyms you got, Stevie?

  • Steven Goran Erikkson

    blueloon, how disrespectful can you be. If you took the time and consideration to read the other blogs on this site, you will realise that Blue Moon is a regualr poster, with numerous comments on both mine and CE blogs. Please take time to consider facts before making ridiculous suggestions!!!!!!

  • blueloon (author)


  • Brownbear

    For Christ’s sake it was a joke and was written by a City fan. I can’t believe some of crap people have posted in response to this. Fair enough if you don’t think it’s funny, but don’t take it seriously. Blueloon, i feel sorry for you pal, I wouldn’t bother posting on here if this is the response you’re gonna get!

  • Brownbear

    And whilst I’m at it, Ste(ven) or whatever your name is pal Who the hell are you to decide who is funny or not? Is your name supposed to be an example of your humour?You like Jason Manford, so what? And as for Ched Evans, self proclaimed great sense of humour? We can all write our own reviews mate, I think it’s those around us who can comment on our sense of humour. Never been on this site before and if I’m going to get judged by what comedian I like I won’t be coming back.

    P.S. City for the UEFA CUP 11-2, get on it

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    Brownbear – Don’t disrespect by calling me ‘pl’, you don;t deserve the privilege. Funnily enough, my name is not an example of my humour, because believe it or not, my name is actually Steven. Can I just stick up for Ched Evans … at this point o confirm that he does indeed have a wonderful and majestic sense of humour. One of the funnist guys I have met without a shadow of a doubt.

    City to win the UEFA Cup 11-2!! Do you live on the same planet as Gelson Fernandes??? muppet.

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson


  • blueloon (author)

    Thanks, Brownbear. Thanks a lot. That’s basically the point. It might not be funny. But I just couldn’t believe (posts 1-5) that SGE took it seriously. Pele 97 years old? Seal clubbing? No better than fourth? I mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognise a piss-take. And I repeat – it might not be funny – probably isn’t – probably failed at that. But SGE didn’t like it, and it wasn’t long before I learned who runs the site. CE’s a great guy, by the way – in the end, as you see, he got it – he didn’t think it was any good, but (a) he got it and (b) he was happy to see more. But he’ll regret it when I start coming to him for tax law advice. SGE and his “moron” response to me and his “don’t call me pal” response to you – well, I’ve never seen anyone with so little dignity who spends so much time standing on it. It’s his fiefdom at the moment and anything outside his ground rules will get crushed – so you’re right. Better go elsewhere, at least with this sort of stuff.

  • blueloon (author)

    Oh, and Stevie.

    11-2 are the odds. I got the clue from, “Get on it.”

    Not the sharpest tool in the box, are you? Not too surprised now that you didn’t get the article.

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    Bit harsh that blueloon – My degree from university was french, spanish and portuguese along with a co-degree in food, therefore making me better than you. ADIOS!

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    P.S: I’m in the top 5% of the country in terms of intelligence, but you probably wouldn’t understand that.

  • blueloon (author)

    I could have written that response for you, so predictable was it.

    Self-proclaimed intelligence is always interesting, but failure to grasp simple English is a little more telling. French, Portuguese, Spanish, eh? Perhaps we should change the language of the blog – give you a fair chance of understanding things like betting odds.

  • S(te)ven Goran Erikkson

    blueloon, you really are a muppet aren’t you?

    My response was predictable?? Even though only 0.05 percent of people could say that? I think you will find that you’re the one who is mistaken.

    Your comment is actually quite funny. You describe how ‘we should change the language of the blog – give you a fair chance of understanding things like betting odds.’ – do you realise that betting odds such as 11-2 are actually numbers, and therefore don’t need any difficulty in translating? They, (numbers), are a universal language. I thought you would be quite familiar with them, due to your more than passing interest of tax laws.

    Now, once and for all, AU REVOIR

  • blueloon (author)

    Heh. It’s like baiting a dog.

    But yes. Bored now. You can only argue with evasive po-faced egomaniacs for so long. Think the Chinese (and many others) might disagree with you on the numbers, Einstein.

  • CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;)

    ‘CE’s a great guy, by the way – in the end, as you see, he got it – he didn’t think it was any good, but (a) he got it and (b) he was happy to see more. But he’ll regret it when I start coming to him for tax law advice.’

    I really appreciate that ‘Blueloon’, very kind of you. I didn’t mean to come across as rude, just trying to help you.

    If you do need any adive regarding tax law or need to know what things mean, please do feel free to contact me at


  • Sammy The Bull

    First off BlueLoon I happen to find this pretty funny. Particualrly the disclaimer.

    Even if I didn’t find it funny I still can’t beleive the shit you’ve been given off this Steven bloke. I’ve seen his postings before but I won’t read one again. Surely he msut be embarassed to read back the comments he’s left here. My favourite two…

    “City to win the UEFA Cup 11-2!! Do you live on the same planet as Gelson Fernandes??? muppet.”,”P.S: I’m in the top 5% of the country in terms of intelligence, but you probably wouldn’t understand that.” Haha wow well done you’re that clever but can also say numbers are universal and you don’t have the common sense to spot betting odds, as opposed to a score prediction. Explains why this countrys going down the pan if you’re in the top 5%.

    Blueloon I’d keep posting and just hope in future if people don’t like it they keep their opinions to themselves.

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