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Premier League life gets off to expected start

When the fixture list was released on the 17th June, it wasn’t exactly the ideal start for Burnley’s first ever Premier League campaign.

Stoke away it read. After the memorable Wembley win and the euphoria that followed, Stoke away was hardly the most anticipated fixture amongst the claret and blue faithful, it barely felt as though we had left the Championship.

Then the second fixture of the season was released, Manchester United at home. Brilliant, thats more like it! The fixtures carried on coming, Everton at home followed, then a trip to Stamford Bridge swiftly followed by a trip to Anfield, the favourites for relegation had welland truly been thrown into the Premier League boiling pot.

Stoke are, like us, one of the smallest clubs in the Premier League, but that wasnt the most dissapointing things about the opening day fixture. Stoke City truly are a formiddable force when they play at the Britannia Stadium, alot of teams fell to them at the Britannia last season and it will more than likely be the same this season, and that made the first Premier League fixture for the Clarets a likely defeat.

That defeat became even more likely when Burnley captain Steven Caldwell, Micheal Duff, and new signing David Edgar would be ruled out in the build up to the game due to injuries and suspensions, this gave Burnley massive defensive problems. Steven Jordan had to be drafted in to cover for the walking wounded, a player that barely featured last season.

The defensive frailties showed in the game as Stoke ran out comfortable 2-0 winners. Stoke played to their strengths and scored from two set peices, a Shawcross header and a Jordan own goal gave them the 3 points on this occasion.

Despite Stoke only losing 4 home games last season and Burnley having a lot of defensive injuries there were still alot of harsh words written about Burnley this weekend phrases such as “Burnley taught tough lesson by Stoke” and “If stoke can do this to Burnley, i dread to think what the top four will do”. By looking at these comments you would be forgiven for thinking that Burnley are the first team to lose at the Britannia Stadium.

Rumours have it that Reading centre back Bikey will be signing for Burnley on Wednesday morning. Soon, Caldwell and Duff will recover from injury, and Edgar suspension is now complete, and he can play against Manchester United on Wednesday. Coyleis obviously aware of Burnleyslack of cover in defence and its strengthening as fast as he can.

Regardless of the result on Saturday or Wednesday, the Burnley fans are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Im still smiling, Im stillproudly wearing my Burnley shirt (complete with Premier League badges!), and i will continue to do so regardless of what happens this season,and regardless of what any ignorant journalists write.

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  1. I*T*P*L

    19 August, 2009 at 11:15

    I read a piece in one paper that likened your Premier League debut to a child’s first day at school, when they unfortunately wandered straight into the territory of the resident bully (us) and went home having had their head shoved down a flushing toilet. That’s a good analogy, but I think it’s a little harsh on you, you saw a lot of the ball, everyone does at Stoke, but just need to learn to be a bit more clinical and sure up your defence, which should happen naturally with the players coming back and coming in you have. If you can do that, the quicker the better, you’ll stand half a chance.

    We learnt quickly last year that there’s no room for mistakes in this league as they will be punished. You have to make the most of your home games, and pick up what you can on the road.

  2. clark

    19 August, 2009 at 22:34

    Looking forward to reading the next match report! 😀

  3. claret till the end

    24 October, 2011 at 11:55

    im a claret living in perth western australia. had to move here for work and the weather marvellous. my young boys play football here and to my surprise the clarets have some sort of representation here. i am very embarresed as to how my beloved team name is being used here in perth by a mob of fools whom make the claret look like a second rate club. these lads couldnt organise anything to save their lives. please stop this HPC nonsense in perth as they are really making the clarets look bad. they and indeed the burnley club are the laughing stock of the football community here in australia. cut it out or get someone in ere that knows what they are doing clarets!!!!

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