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Saganowski ready for Croatia climax

Poland are likely to only have 90 more minutes of Euro 2008. After finishing on top of their qualilfying group in front of Portugal and Serbia they looked to be able to make it through the group stage at Euro 2008 it hasn’t been the case they didn’t look ready for the 1st game and were robbed in the 2nd. “We have a hard game ahead but motivation won’t be a problem,” said the 29-year-old. “We play for ourselves, our families and our fans. We play for Poland so motivation is not a problem.- Saganowski.

Poland will have it difficult because even if they win they will run the risk of not making it to the quarter finals. Saganowski said this:

“Of course our situation is not great, because even if we win we’re not sure of making the quarter-finals,” he added. “We have to wait for the news from Vienna and that news has to be positive. We will try to play the best we can against Croatia. We want to win for ourselves and for our fans, then we’ll see what happens. But it is not all up to us, not completely in our hands. We accept that the Austria-Germany game will be just as important.”

Poland will be out to finish their tournament on a high with a win against a determined but understrength Croatia.

“It’s good for us that Croatia have already qualified,” continued the Southampton FC striker. “Their players know they’ll go into the quarter-finals and they will be a little less motivated. However, the players they bring in will be highly motivated because they will want to impress their coach and make it clear that they are good enough to be in the team for the quarter-finals.”

Poland have very much crashed and burned after their qualiflying and we hope this will help us figure out why:

The question taxing observers in Poland has been why the team’s form, so impressive in qualifying, has dipped in Austria. “I don’t know why we haven’t played as we can,” said Saganowski. “You could say injuries have been a problem, like the one that ruled out [Jakub] ‘Kuba’ BÅ‚aszczykowski who had been our right-winger. Also, a lot of our players weren’t playing at the end of the season for their clubs. The fitness wasn’t quite there in our first match. But in the second half of our game against Austria. we showed we can play and deserve to be here.

Hopefully Marek Saganowski will get the full 90 minutes and be able to put a goal in the net for the Poles good luck to him and the team in their final game.

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