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Sport 0x2 Palmeiras; Palmeiras win first decision!

9 April 2009 by

In the week of decisions, Palmeiras made a great result and beat Sport in the Ilha do Retiro 0-2.

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There was a lot of unsureness about this game: Palmeiras had zero points in Libertadores da América, and Sport had 6, in two games each; mor than that, last year Palmeiras played Sport 4 times and drawed 1 and lost 3.

A defeat would make it very difficult to Palmeiras to go to the next stage of competition, since Sport would already have 9 points, the maximum Palmeiras would get. But since the defeat against Colo-Colo, Palmeiras has been preparing intself to the game against Sport, using the games in the Campeonato Paulista to test formations and get players in form, as Edmilson.

After four games without scoring, Keirrison finally did it, completing a volley from Maurício Ramos that would enter either way. In the beginning of the week Palmeiras coach, Luxemburgo, said that Keirrison should decide fast if he will leave Palmeiras or not , and return the focus to Palmeiras’ games; even scoring, Keirrison was subbed-out in second half.

Last night game showed also the great form of Diego Souza. After scoring the winning goal on Sunday, he was the best player of yesterday’s game, scoring the great second goal of the team.

The decision week goes on with the game against Santos, by the semi-finals of Campeonato Paulista on Saturday. In the Wednesday that follows, Palmeiras will play Sport again, in Palestra Italia, and three day later the second leg of the regional championship semi-finals.

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  • Deak

    It looks to me like Keirrison stole that goal from Maurício Ramos — but after not scoring for 4 games you can’t blame him!

    So how good is Keirrison? Here in England the rumour is that Liverpool want to buy him. Given Rafael Benitez’s track record of buying the wrong strikers (Kuyt, Voronin, Keane, etc), do you think Keirrison would be a success in the Premiership?

  • Renato Siviero dos Santos (author)

    It’s hard to tell if Keirrison is going to be successful in in the Premiership, because you never know. Robinho was better then him here and didn’t make a great carreer in Europe; in other hand he is way better than guys like Vagner Love, Jô and Bobo.

    He is the greatest player since Pato and Robinho, by far. There are other strikers that score as much goals as he does in Brazil, like Borges, Washington and Kléber Pereira, but he is clearly more talented than those, even being much younger.

    What counts for him is that he has a good mind and a good personal staff.

    I think that, if he moves to Liverpool and play as a striker, he is going to be sucessful, because he knows how to position himself in the pitch and finish very well. But he is not the kind of player to play as a wingman, because he is not a great dribbler.

    He would make a great reserve for Torres, getting ready to be his substitute when the time comes. Keirrison is only 20. In Brazil people thinks that he should have a chance in the National team.

    By the way, thanks for reading my blog, looking forward to read something yours. =)

  • Deak

    Unfortunately for Robinho, he hasn’t found the right team in Europe. Real Madrid did not give him enough matches or a prominent role in the team, Man City play the wrong style of football and do not have enough talented players for him to work with. To be honest, he would have been perfect at Chelsea.

    Keirrison looks to be a very natural goal scorer, I definitely look forward to seeing him play in Europe — although not until he’s helped the Verdão win the championship. 🙂

    Really enjoying your blog — it’s hard to find good info on Brazilian football that is in English.

  • Renato Siviero dos Santos (author)

    Thanks again!

    It’s hard to write in English, but it seems to be understandable for you guys. =)

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