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On Tuesday 3rd Placed Atletico Madrid claimed a solid 2-0 Win against Real Sociedad thanks to Goals on 3 and 10 Minutes with First coming when Koke’s inswinging Corner from the left was headed in to his own net at the near post by Defender Mikel Gonzalez and the Second came from Koke’s 20 Yard Shot was parried there was Antoine Griezmann to tap home the Second and it was generally comfortable from there for Atletico.
Sevilla could have a say on this Season Title Race with Barcelona and Real Madrid to …

Remaining Fixtures
Almeria (H)
Sevilla (A)
Valencia (H)
Espanyol (A)
Getafe (H)
Cordoba (A)
Real Sociedad (H)
Atletico Madrid (A)
Deportivo (H)
Real Madrid:
Rayo Vallecano (A)
Eibar (H)
Malaga (H)
Celta Vigo (A)
Almeria (H)
Sevilla (A)
Valencia (H)
Espanyol (A)
Getafe (H)
Atletico Madrid:
Malaga (A)
Deportivo (A)
Elche (H)
Villarreal (A)
Athletic Bilbao (H)
Levante (A)
Barcelona (H)
Granada (A)
As it Stands:
1. Barcelona 29 Played 64 Goal Difference Points 71
2. Real Madrid 29 Played 60 Goal Difference 67 Points
3. Atletico Madrid 30 Played 34 Goal Difference 65 Points
It’s advantage Barcelona going into the last 9 Games in La Liga as they have a 4 point lead currently but it’s only in the last month or …

Basketball and Football, two similar yet entirely different games. Same basic rules which are to score as many as you can before the end of the game, but the difference is so big you sometimes forget that they are so similar. With the obvious fact of Basketball is a ball being dribbled with hands and Football is a ball being dribbled with feet, there are other rules which make the sports almost opposites in a way. Basketball could improve the future of English football.
I believe this as if you look at …

After the recent announcement concerning this years Ballon d’Or. Surely it’s pretty obvious which man is in main contention to be crowned world player of the year. A certain extraordinary Portuguese superstar is leading the chase by quite a distance. Not many would disagree that this candidate for the 2014 crown is well deserved.
A dominant campaign by Real Madrid winning last seasons Champions League there 10th ‘La Decima’, they  have a strong showing of 5 players, which include Angel Di Maria of Manchester United now. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid …

Two weeks, two games, two losses. In these two games both opponents nullified Barcelona’s tactics and in both games Barca couldn’t come with an answer. While a loss against a inform team like Real Madrid didn’t come as a big surprise, the loss against Celta Vigo has to worry many supporters no matter how optimistic a fan you are. It is true that Barcelona had many shots in the Celta game but the finishing was quite terrible at times. And yes Celta goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez produced some outstanding saves but …

Following the seven undefeated matches in La Liga with an equal number of clean sheets , Barcelona are now set to face their eternal rivals Real Madrid at the  Santiago Bernabeu. The match seems to be a clash of titans as both teams have been in terrific form in the recent weeks. Barcelona haven’t conceded any goals in the league so far making a new record of clean sheets by Claudio Bravo.While Real Madrid have recovered very well from the earlier defeats they faced against Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid while …

So, to the fourth in this series of 6 articles looking at the top 60 players in world football and probably the hardest list to select. In researching this list I realised our generation is blessed with a group of fantastic central midfielders and picking just 13 was very difficult. In fact, it proved too difficult and I had to choose 4 honourable mentions instead of just 3. I apologise and hope you will understand the difficulty. Thank you and please enjoy, comment, discuss, vent your outrage at my selections and read the …

The third in a series of six articles looking at the best 60 players in the world at the moment, we are now onto full-back having done golkeepers and centre-backs. Please enjoy, comment, discuss and read the next article; the top 10 central midfielders.
Honourable mentions:

Fabio Coentrao – A frustrating year for the 26 year old former Benfica man, playing second fiddle to Marcelo for club and having a disappointing World Cup for country. However, he is still an intelligent player, who is technically skilful and tactically versatile. Young enough to still …

Leading on from the top 10 goalkeepers in the world; I now present you the top 10 Centre-backs in the world. Remember, this is partly judged on recent performances and partly on permanent class. Enjoy, comment and discuss and remember to look out for the remaining four articles in this series of 6, the next one being the top 10 full-backs.
Honourable mentions:

Diego Godin – An old school centre-half who bought into the ‘Simeone way’ from the very beginning to great effect. His dogged style and aerial prowess means he is now crucial …

The number 10 role is always the role that the kids want to play in nowadays, AS Monaco star James Rodriguez is irresistibly adding to the temptation of the role. James leads the way in this World Cup and proves to be the talisman for the South American side and is currently leading the race for the golden boot but they’re not just average goals he’s scoring as 3 of the 5 could be nominated for “Goal of the Tournament”. So what is ‘James’ all about and why the big …