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With the other match in group B far from a stand out performance, both these teams had the chance to show what they were all about.
The first half was subdued and I thought both teams were too tentative and tactical, no one was really having a go. As neither of these teams are favourite for the group I wasn’t surprised at 0-0 when it was half time. I got the impression that neither side wanted to leave with nothing.
Angola posed a bigger threat but even they were fairly subdued in …

Following a deadly attack on the Togolese team coach in Cabinda, causing Hubert Velud’s side to withdraw from the African Cup of Nations, Group B now only contains three sides: the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. With two nations progressing, a win for the Ivory Coast over Burkina Faso could prove to be decisive in gaining them a quarter-final berth.
And to be honest, a win is expected. In previous qualifying encounters, Burkina Faso have proved to be no match for the star-studded ‘Elephants’, losing 3-2 and 5-0. Currently ranked …