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After Greece struggled to pose any kind of attacking threat against Sweden and went down 2-0 in their opening game of Euro 2008, coach Otto Rehhagel blamed a lack of passion from the current holders of the European Championships, he said:
“The Greeks didn’t play with heart like they normally do, and the Swedes pushed us hard, some players were unable to play at the level I expected. They tried hard but it wasn’t enough. The first half didn’t go as we planned – we didn’t play high enough up the …

The Greeks will be hoping to stage another surprise European Championship victory in 2008. If this can possibly happen once again is subject to opinion, and it is useless to speculate before the competition kicks off. However, one of the players that will surely have an impact on the results of the Greek squad in Euro ’08 is Angelos Charisteas.

Angelos is a striker and he currently plays in Germany for FC Nuremberg. He was born on the 9th February 1980, meaning that he is currently 28 years old, considered to …