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The Ten commandments for Tranmere’s season

Oh wow! Well those last 17 games weren’t too bad where they, well some of them. But nonetheless if you’d of asked any Tom Dick or Stanley whether they thought the Super White Army would be so high in the table at this stage they’d of laughed in your Super White face.

But now the critics are silenced and the doubters are doubting their own judgement as the Rovers lie in 8th position and two points off the play offs.

A bit of a difference to pre-season predictions where Rovers were expected to continue where they left off last season and lounge around the foot of the table. But of course there is always a ‘but’ or a ‘however’ with every Tranmere fan and although a great start, Wirral residents are fully aware this is a start, not a completion.

So how can Tranmere stay amongst the elite in League one. Here are the 10 Commandments everyone Tranmere needs to follow.

1)      Thou shalt visit church for every ceremonial event and come together with other people who share the same religious belief.

At any football club, the support from their following is invaluable and the Rovers are no exception. By turning out in numbers home and away provides the team with a 12th man and by preaching and shouting their beliefs as loud as possible (these being positive beliefs) gives the added bonus bound to spur the players on and ensure they find the remaining fuel in the tank to make that match winning tackle or score that vital goal.


2)      Thou shalt refuse to expose the 11 disciples and their leader to negative slander

Yes there will be times in the season where you’ll want to strangle Les Parry for that ridiculous substitution or mind-boggling tactical change. Or result in labelling the players in mindless insults for that wayward pass. You pay your money so yes you’re entitled to your opinion but whether it is required is another matter. That substitution you’re abusing one minute could result in providing the 3 points to confirm the SWA into play offs. It sounds clichéd but in this case, patience is a virtue.


3)      Honour your home and serve it with success

The key to Tranmere’s success this season has been down to the games played at Prenton Park. Just one defeat in nine games at home is pretty adequate for a side with the stature of Tranmere and if they are to keep this good form going, the home form is going to be vital if a fight for the play-off is even going to commence for the Rovers.


4)      Thou shalt treat the month of January as an important one

The time of the year that separates the rich from the poor, the big from the small, and the good from the ugly. When managers prepare to rub the hands with glee at new arrivals, or pull their hair out in desperation that all there key players are departing. For a team like Rovers, you’d expect if any, Gaffer Les Parry to be a victim of the latter. From the games that have been played, one could say Parry has a fairly formidable outfit at his disposal so it’s more vital that Parry hangs onto his players rather than be on the lookout for more so resistance to cash in the middle of the campaign is needed if they are to sneak a play-off spot.


5)      Thou shalt fight to the death to earn 3 golden points

Grinding out performances in this game separates the boys from the men. It’s all very well beating a team when you’re on form, but beating that team when you’re playing poorly makes a team a successful one. The win against Walsall a few weeks ago was a perfect example of this, although a less than average performance, goals from Robbie Weir and Mustafa Tiryaki saw the Rovers through on this occasion and more point snatching like this would only help the cause.


6)      Keep your disciples fit and serving your belief

Of course there’s nothing you can do when your Andy Robinson’s, Robbie Weir’s and John Welsh’s of this world are restricted to the side lines, but keeping these types of players fit is vitally needed when you take into account the lack of strength in depth the Rovers have or more appropriately can afford.


7)      Thou shalt stay patient

It’s inevitable at some stage in the season Rovers will go through a bad patch. Although a lot depends on how the players respond to the expected poor form the catalyst in turning things around will be how the fans respond.  It would be easy for the followers under the Prenton Park stand to over react, claim the players are a disgrace and call for Parry’s head. A more logical and helpful reaction would be to avoid getting on the players back. Players are more likely to turn it around knowing they have the fans behind them.


8)      Thou shalt stay consistent

As mentioned in the previous commandment a bad spell will come at some point, but these spells need to be few and far between. Home wins will be key to this consistency as well as picking up a few away. Possibly the biggest commandment the Rovers will have to follow, without the consistency the Super Whites can say good bye to even mid table.


9)       Back thou Leader!

The criticism Parry has been getting from some sections of the terraces is quite frankly unfair, especially if you look at the current position Rovers find themselves. Having said this, there will always be that pessimistic minority at a football club and if it is kept at a minority it shouldn’t be a problem, however if the minority grows and turns into the majority then it turns sour. Back Les Parry to at least the end of the season, and then judge whether you want him for another year or not!


10)   Be blessed with a lot of Luck!

If the Super white Army force their way into the play-offs it’ll be down to grit, determination, and a lot of luck! Rovers are not blessed with money to spend or big name stars but a team ethic that is willing to work for each other and fight for the full 90 minutes will increase the chances and hopefully bring out the good fortune the Rovers deserve!

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