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Terim sets no limits on success

Turkey coach Fatih Terim said after the quarter final there is “no limit to success” for his side after they defeated Croatia on penalties to earn a semi-final meeting with Germany. Turkey looked to be out of the tournament when Ivan Klasnić struck late in extra time, but Semih Åžentürk had other ideas and netted with the last kick of the game to send the match to penalties. Turkey won the shoot out 3-1 and the Croatian coach’s comment somes up Turkey at the moment “Turkey have the ‘X factor’.”

Turkey coach after the match:

I would like to congratulate the Croatia players and coach. They played well but that’s football. You should never give up until the final whistle, that’s what makes football interesting. I congratulate my players, too. Both sides could have won. I think we should be proud and I still haven’t been able to do any damage assessment. Emre Aşık, Tuncay Åžanlı and Arda Turan are all suspended [for Germany] because they were booked here, and we have injured players. We have worked very hard over the last two years and deserve to be in this semi-final. If Croatia had won, I would have said they deserved it too, but I’m delighted we did it. I tell my players never to give up. I set them goals and tell them not to be afraid of losing. I think this team could do even better. If only we could have the injured players back, but even without them, we are special. There is something special about this team.

I hope the people enjoy it and I ask them not to make our joy someone else’s tragedy. No win is worth someone’s life, so I ask the Turkish people to enjoy themselves, celebrate and have fun but not to hurt anyone when they do it. To lose a victory in such a short period of time is a serious mental blow for any team – I thought we would have a chance in the shoot-out because of that. If you look at our run, we have always come back and that’s not easy. Let’s hope against Germany we can take the lead. There is no limit to our success. After Croatia scored, I saw players lying on the pitch and I told Arda to get the ball out of the goal and start again. I wasn’t giving up. We could have lost but there were things we could do about it. I always say there is much more we can do as a country of 70 million people and there is more success we can achieve. We seem to come back from the dead. We always do the hard thing, not the easy thing, which shows how good my team are. When you have footballers like this, you just don’t lose.

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