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The Spurs against Man City and Other Unlikely Victories to Be

24 September 2015 by

Next week, Tottenham is facing Man City in the Premier League – just a few days after Arsenal has kicked them right out of the Capital One Cup. Last week West Ham proved that the City is, in fact, very much beatable and even though the Spurs have had a bit of a lacklustre start of the season, it wasn’t bad enough to make their victory completely improbable.

The last four times these two clubs met Man City was able to win with confidence – can this make a fifth-in-a-row? According to the UK-licensed TonyBet sportsbook, that is quite likely: a Spurs’ win is at 61/20, while Man City is a favourite at 9/10. The latter is still dominating the League with 15 points – even after the rather unexpected last week’s loss.

West Ham has managed to beat not only Man City, but Arsenal, Liverpool, and Newcastle so far, which makes the losing matches to Leicester City and Bournemouth look rather out of place. In Week 7, the Irons are going to play against the newly promoted Norwich City. If the club’s recent results are at all consistent, they could very well give the Canaries their third win in the League. The odds don’t help much, either – they’re about equal for this one.

Another club that’s doing unexpectedly well, Leicester City, is going to go through a rough test of their strength, as they are playing against Arsenal. Can the Foxes outrun the Gunners? While victory seems a bit far-fetched, Leicester has managed to draw every second match in the five previous meetings, which would make for a good result.

Man United seems to have the easiest game of all the title contenders ahead of them: their odds for a win against Sunderland are 1/5 against 27/2. This season, however, we have already seen more than one underdog winning – although for Sunderland, it would be the very first match that ended in a victory if they did manage that.

To say the least, the League has been quite surprising so far. Of course, with the season being as long as it is and with so many matches still left ahead a lot can change – but then again, a successful start is job half-done. Can an underdog win this year? It would go against all odds and logic – but it would also bring a lot more excitement to the table. The night is young and the matches start on Saturday, so tune in and enjoy the game.

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