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Many Story lines to Follow

Soccer by Ives has a great preview:

This will be a huge test to see where we are at. We’ll liekly get 90 minutes of Ljungberg who, if struggles on the horrible BMO pitch, can be relived by Brad Evans, no problem. There’s likely to be plenty og goals in the match, and I’d expect Seattle to concede their first goal of the season, but I still think we have enough to go there and win. One mahor talking point is how Freddy Montero will play. As most of you will have heard tommorow, he has been accused of stalking a woman and even possible sexual assault (

Seattle have already come out and said he will start, but if this really is true, not only his Sounders career, but his young career may be in jeopardy. Hopefully its not for real and the focus can get back to football soon. I hope so. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the young man play properly if he was convicted. Anyways, tommorow definitely will feature a lot of storylines, and certainly the “best crowd in  MLS”  title is going to be fought between the two, so even a boring match will be fun to watch will all the fan excitement. Hopefully, we’ll come out of there with three points!

EDIT: Montero will definitely NOT be playing tomorrow according to Jose Romero. What a huge blow.

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