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Villa without the final

The happiness in Spanish camp because of the entrance into the final of European championship was pretty much addled by the information of the injury of currently the best goalscorer of Euro, who is lost for the final.


David Villa had to leave the field before the 35th minute of semi-final duel against Russia and according to the words of Spanish coach Luis Aragones,the championship is over for him.

“Unfortunately, Villa won’t be playing in the final. he suffered a muscle strain and for him, the tournament is over.”, he said.

The striker from Valencia, currently the first goalscorer of European championship with four goals, has accepted his fate: “All I want to do now is enjoy Sunday,” he said. “I’m a little sad that I won’t be there to take part but it’s better that a team-mate who is fit plays instead of me, particularly as my injury has left me limping quite badly.”

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