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Why Brazil will be the best World Cup Ever?


Whilst the previous World Cup in South Africa was an amazing event this article highlights why Brazil could and possibly will be the best ever. From the people to the country and the location I will give an insight that I think you will find interesting.

I first went to Brazil 5 years ago and since then I have fell in love with not only the county but also the people.  I arrived in the country via the Argentina border after a trip to Buenos Aires. I had no major expectation for the country but was I impressed after hours of being there.


Brazilians as with all the people in Latin America are a passionate population. As a British man not used to this type of behaviour I was taken aback. Take for example that all Brazilians love to dance either in groups or in a partnership.

As I am sure European readers will agree, dancing is definitely not our speciality, and no shuffling in a nightclub does not count as dancing.

One thing that I was also shocked about was how friendly the people are, even on the street people would come up to our group and make sure we was ok and enjoying their country, we sure was.


I travelled from Porto Alegre in the south up until Fortaleza in the North, which I did over the space of 8 weeks staying in all the main towns and cities along the coast. Brazil is an amazing country with so many hidden things to do and see. Obviously there were the popular tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro but the beaches in the North of Brazil were something spectacular.  El Salvador also is an amazing place and Recife is a place I would recommend anyone to visit if they get the chance.

Ticket Demand

Every ticket for the world cup in Brazil will be in high demand because of the local love for football whether that is Iran vs Costa Rica or Brazil vs Mexico. Fifa have recently released a statistic that this world cup has as many applications for tickets as Germany did 8 years ago. For ticket buying guides than I fully recommend looking at Opening game and World Cup final ticket are in very high demand and therefore I suggest you get planning now.


Brazil is located in a place where many countries have long distances to travel but as Brazil is now a tourist destination there are flights from every main airport hub in the world. Even countries on the same continent have to travel several hours to get to Brazil, for example Colombia is a 6-hour flight from Sao Paulo.  Argentina and Uruguay will have the shortest distances to travel and expect to have one of the largest fan bases in Brazil when the World Cup starts in 2014.

With the combination of sun, sea, great food, beautiful beaches, a passionate population who love football as well as many things to do in this tropical country Brazil surely is the place to be in June/July 2014.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chas Sinclair

    14 March, 2014 at 15:26

    I sure hope it will be the best ever. This is an opportunity to grow the fan base and it will only do so if the tournament can overcome the following three obstacles:
    (1) players cheating (diving, simulation, theatrics, feigning injury = trying to affect the referee’s decision), (2) verbally insulting the officials and physically intimidating them and (3) football is a slow game with too few goals.
    Number one and two are within the control of FIFA, the teams, the managers, the coaches and the players. Sadly, there is no WILL to eliminate cheating from the game and it cheating will happen by the hundreds during the event and in the process will turn off millions of viewers from becoming fans of the game.
    “As the reward for a successful cheat is so much greater then the penalty for an unsuccessful cheat; I am compelled to cheat”. the adage of professional football players everywhere.
    Diego Maradona (June 22, 1986) and Marco Materazzi (July 9, 2006).

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