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Why England will never win the World Cup again

Well, the World Cup is upon us an its time for the old question, will we see England win the trophy again. I’m a Welshman, but am no means writing this from a biased point of view. I believe England will never be good enough to win a World Cup. My reasons I feel back up my view.

England, a great footballing country, the home of football in many fans eyes. The Premier League is the most watched league in the world attracting absolute world beaters from all over the globe. This fact is probably the national teams biggest downfall. We have a smaller choice of players than we should, academies are turning away players with massive potential at an early age. These players then lose interest or turn to drink, drugs an women. Normal for the majority of lads at the age of 18, but these lads are special an talent should be nurtured. The reason these lads fail is the Premier League clubs plucking the best foreign talent of their age from around the globe, paying big bucks an therefore pressurising the club to persist with these foreign talents. The British lads are put on the scrapheap.

Another reason is the way of life in England. Obviously there’s the odd exception, but as a whole as children we live a very easy life. We’re given everything in terms of possessions, food and luxuries. These footballers from the likes of Brazil are brought up with absolutely nothing. This then triggers a hunger to succeed and achieve, to give your family a better way of life. Where as our lads don’t have that hunger, they think they have a God given right to succeed. I could go on an on about this subject. I feel exceptionally passionate about the mess our great footballing country is in. Fingers crossed England go on a win the World Cup and prove me wrong. Hope you found this an interesting read. Cheers, Owen

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  1. peter l

    4 June, 2014 at 23:26

    bitterness seeping from every pore, nothing like a jealous welshman to hide behind phoney statements like ” but am no means writing this from a biased point of view. what a load of Tosh(ack).

    leave the world cup analysis to people who lives in countries who have a realistic chance of qualifying for a world cup.

    “why wales will never qualify for a world cup or european championship again – even if they expand the euros to 24 teams”.

  2. jimmysoccerstar

    3 July, 2014 at 09:59

    England is a great footballing nation and I don’t think they will not able to win the world cup again. But the one thing is clear that they have to create a new football team for next WC after the retirement of their senior players.

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