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Wigan Athletic for the Top Eight?

8 August 2012 by

Wigan has been portrayed as a rugby town for quite some time now.  Though, I believe it only takes twenty minutes watching Martinez’s side to recognise that this side can give all the best teams in the league a run for their money.  Martinez has remained positive throughout the rocky times Wigan have endured, which has been acknowledged by the rest of the football community.  There may not be a Ronaldinho, a Messi, or a Ballon d’Or contender in the team, but there’s a very well balanced, well gelled team their which will be maintained well by the likeable manager at the helm.  Despite, blindly being tagged as boring throughout the English Premier League season, Martinez never changed his teams passing philosophy and rescued his team, after being rooted at the bottom of the season for a huge segment of the season.

The attractive football that they played in the latter games of the 2011/12 season was only what Wigan intended to do all season. Half the battle is done, the friendship of football crazy chairman Dave Whelan and Roberto Martinez has been the main reason that has kept one of the best managers in the Premiership incharge of Wigan Athletic football club.

Under the management of Martinez, the trustworthy ownership of Whelan, and the well balanced squad, I’m confident that Wigan will be in the top eight when Barclays Premier League season 2012/2013 concludes.

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  • Anonymous

    Believe !

  • a man with a brain


  • Michael

    You are mental if you think wigan will be top eight. Who will they be finishing above out of man utd, city, arsenal, liverpool, spurs, arsenal, newcastle, everton or chelsea? Never mind villa snd money bags QPR. Al this minus minus victor moses very probably, and without significant investment. as aon fan I’m all for over the top optimism but seriously!!!!! Mental.

  • Michael

    Arsenal don’t count twice by the way. And that should read as a toon fan. Not normally on wigan arthritic websites but the head line just dragged me in from news now. Oh and the “wigan arthritic” was a genuine predictive text mistake but it is funny so it stays.

  • David

    Typical big club arrogance! Believe…….

  • Hayzee

    Please keep believing that Man Utd, Chelsea etc are invincible. Nothing would suit me better. It was a treat to see the look on the Geordies faces when they were already 4 – 0 down by half time. It was also brilliant to hear Alex Ferguson say that “Wigan are in a false position” after we beat them 1 – 0 after having a perfectly good goal disallowed. Please keep your arrogant beliefs that “Little Wigan” are a team of no-hopers and are yet again destined for the Championship. The thing with Wigan is that it isn’t as easy to support Wigan. You have to be a true fan. It would be easier if I just went to the shops and bought a shirt of a top team and supported them through the TV having never actually set foot inside their ground.

    I started watching Wigan when they were playing teams like Goole. I saw them gain league status. I have watched them play in every division of the football league and still I have to hear the “wisdom” of armchair supporters.

  • Paul Weir (author)

    I am actually a Hibernian FC supporter guys, but I have taken to Wigan greatly and I am a huge admirer of the football they display.

    Hayzee, I totally agree with your sensible post. The delusion of the “top” English side’s supporters has been noticed by many.

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