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A European Tour?

We’re all going on a hoping for a European Tour… Or, are we?

With our (fairly) recent European success – the Intertoto firmly under our belt – we should be drooling at the prospect of once again showing our continental neighbours how to play the beautiful game. And some (myself included) are, but others are more cautious in their optimism, perhaps rightly so.

For a team that survived on goal difference last season, thanks only to two wins against a Reading side who went down from the eight goal defecit those wins created, we would have been grateful to just survive a little easier.

The unexpected turnaround of fortunes, fronted by (manager of the year, surely??) Roy Hodgson, has lead to some sections of the Cottage faithful worry about it being too much in too short a space of time and, indeed, would rather finish 8th what with the current size of our squad.

There’s no pleasing some people, but they certainly have a point. Two games a week has not suited us this season and fatigue cost us six points at home to both Hull and Blackburn in consecutive midweek games – so a bigger, rotatable squad is a necessity if we are to make the Europa League. Let’s face it, a freezing cold winter trip to the Czech Republic would be a lot harder on tired legs than anything Phil Brown can throw at us in SW6 and, speaking of tired legs, that includes old Jimmy.

My reasons for wanting that 7th spot are as follows:

  1. Keeping hold of big Brede; and
  2. See reason 1.

Surely with European football we can keep this hard-working squad together and attract players of both quality and quantity in the summer? We’d better hope so, because Europe doesn’t tend have a good effect on the league positions of knackered English clubs, does it Pompey?

Provided the Everton game goes according to the script, i.e. the home team winning every fixture, then we will indeed be going on a European tour and, with Roy and his little black book at the Helm, a summer of shrewd business should hopefully keep us away from danger in the potentially perilous 2009/10 season.

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  1. I*T*P*L

    24 May, 2009 at 09:18

    That’s a good start you’ve made. I’ve been impressed with Fulham this season, playing some good football and most importantly winning matches. Half of my family are Fulham fans, so I hope you do get Europe, though they fall into the camp who think it would be a poisoned chalice, though secretly I think they’d love to see you do it.

    I hope you hold on to Hangeland. He’s been superb in both games against Stoke this season, and we should do what we can to stop the drain of the best players going straight to the big four/Villa & Everton.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, the Stoke fans have been excellent this season, and I think it’s played a big part in pushing us on to get results, particularly at home. It’s a shame we served up such dull fare against you this season though.

    All the best for today, hopefully you’ll be happy by five.

  2. juandeful

    28 May, 2009 at 14:27

    As a Spurs fan I am dissapointed to miss out on 7th, but if there was one team I wouldn’t have minded finishing above us it was Fulham. Roy Hodgson has worked wonders and the club has always gone about its business the right way.

    Good luck in the Europa League.

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