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A selling club – good or bad?

The recent gossip and disappointment surfacing about Liverpool being a selling club baffles me to some extent as you’ve got to digest the news with some context.

Swiss researchers: since 2010 Liverpool have made more money than any club in the world from selling players – £378m. Valencia second £370m

— Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh)September 19, 2016

Most of our recent money influx has come from the sale of players like Torres (wanted away with a tiny part of the money got from selling him astutely being invested in the Uruguayan biter), Suarez (claims to love the club but wanted to leave), Sterling (heavily disrespected the club and wanted to leave), Benteke (never quite fit the style of play at Liverpool as was evident long before signing him and the desire to split was mutual). Also, as a club, Liverpool have tried their utmost to convince Sterling and Suarez to stay put (maybe Rodgers being our manager didn’t help the case).

Kloppo clearly wants only the players who would fight for the club on the pitch. If you resonate with his expectations from the players’ attitudes, would you really say that selling want away players is a bad strategy? If we replace them with the ones who fit well with our manager’s philosophy, I think it’s not something to be frowned upon. We ended up making a small profit this summer from the transfers just by cutting the deadwood while getting in players like Mane, Matip, Karius, etc.  I suppose that amassing profits and winning trophies at the same time is the dream of any club (or rather just Mr. Wenger). Well if players had stayed fit for Arsenal which I think is one of their major hindrances for the trophies (Eva Caneiro is jobless), I think Arsene Wenger would have been considered as a genius should he have won the league after being super stingy in the transfer market provided they consider coming 1st in the league as winning and not coming 4th.

We must realize that most of the owners sit on tons of cash and that the BPL is flooded with crazy TV-rights money but they should spend the money on players in a responsible way. Clearly, buying a superstar like Pogba adds class to a club but then class didn’t save United from tumbling against their city rivals at home and I am sure it won’t when Liverpool crucify their title hopes. Another case is of Newcastle who spent huge sums on foreign players over the last few transfer windows only to make Rafa work in the championship.

There will always be want-away players at any club and the less they are, the better it is for the club as that permits the club to sell the players at their own will. We can just try to make our club have the black whole-ish attraction. Well, our history serves us well there and we are as most of the things in the world, a work-in-progress.


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  1. Conall Fay

    6 October, 2016 at 10:43

    It is my belief that Klopp is turning Liverpool into a giant of English football of which they used to be during the old First Division. This is due to the fact that during that time Liverpool had players who wanted to play for Liverpool and would fight for the badge. This is something which has been drastically lacking within Liverpool’s teams throughout the past two decades with minor exceptions in the likes of home-grown players such as Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, as well as in recent times through the purchase of James Milner, a player who gives 100% for whichever team he plays for. Klopp is building a Liverpool team reminiscent of his former Borussia Dortmund team by ensuring that he has a core 6 or 7 players who are nearly guaranteed to start every week, not based on their own personality ability, but based on their work ethic as well as attitude towards contributing towards the team. At Dortmund, these players were the likes of Bender, Hummels and Błaszczykowski. In terms of Liverpool, the core that he seems to be establishing is based around Henderson (the captain), Milner and Clyne. I agree with the statement that Klopp is now getting rid of the players who do not suit his system, ie. are not willing to work for the team and possess no passion for the football club.

  2. danzig

    3 November, 2016 at 17:27

    Good piece.

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