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Do Arsenal fans know what’s good for them?

Recently, Arsenal’s supporters have been acting like a moody teenager. They want to be like everyone else. No trophy in 6.5 years and the departure of key players leaves them in contention to qualify for next season’s Europa League. The dreaded Europa League. Will Wenger unveil another great team before the supporters’ patience runs wild.

Looking back over the past six years Arsenal really have had some exceptional players. Had none of them left, they probably could have won something major in that time. A starting 11: Wojcech Szczesny, Ashley Cole, Thomas Vermaelen, Kolo Toure, Bacary Sagna, Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere, Samir Nasri, Theo Walcott &  Robin Van Persie would not only have challenged for the past few seasons, but would be challenging now.

Instead, Arsene Wenger finds himself receiving complaints left, right, and centre from those who adored him six years ago. The common theme of the chants would lead you to guess that they want major investment on new players. In addition to this, is the fact that the club have spent -31.7 million pounds on transfers in five years, a statistic that angers any Gooner. The funds are supposedly still there, so why haven’t they been spent? However, I ask you, would sacking Wenger change anything?

My answer to that is, yes it would. Money may be spent but what on? Emergency spending has proved to be disastrous in recent times, especially big money ones like Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres.  The key to making a club great is to build it slowly, but without selling your most important assets on the way. Arsenal are a team good at buying players for next to nothing. Buying big would bring instability and unrest to a dressing room only used to seeing players they hadn’t heard of before.”We don’t buy stars, we make them”, are words from the Frenchman himself.

Wenger has learnt from recent lessons that only the home-grown players will stay for good; along with the knowledge that they’re not intelligent enough to live abroad. Also, there are some great young players coming through, including: Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Ryo Myachi. Add someone like Emmanuel Frimpong to this and you get a mixture of passion and class, something Arsenal have lacked since the likes of Viera left.

Bring in a new manager and you’ll experience teething troubles, bad signings, and the thirdd season bug. Stick with your manager and his youth project may finally pay off.

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  1. joestew14

    9 February, 2012 at 21:45

    Hopefully it will pay off, but in the meantime if Arsenal don’t get a champions league spot, you have to understand some fans reactions (to a certain extent)Good Article. 😉

  2. robinbarlow20

    10 February, 2012 at 00:46

    Thanks 🙂 I do understand the frustration of the Arsenal supporters, but I think that all sides have a transition period every 4-5 years. We (United) had ours from 2003-2006. I know Arsenal’s has been a little longer but if the likes of Fabregas & Nasri hadn’t left then they probably would be at least on the level of Spurs. 🙂

  3. thelinesman

    10 February, 2012 at 10:15


    As a Man Utd fan who feared as much as I admired the invincibles, I think the main difference between now and then is that the players left because they want to, not because they are “too old” to be offered a contract by Wenger. The board could also be blamed for being to conservative. But after all, a new manager is too early to be a constructive solution.

  4. Didi

    10 February, 2012 at 14:05

    I am glad Iam not the only one that thinks like u.
    I agree 100%, if u r going to wind abt something
    At least b consistent abt it, not just when they r loosing
    Do it when they r wining to. Bottom line a good fans
    R Posotive, bad fans e negative. That does not mean
    They don’t support the team, they just have negative
    Gearing, but in all good well thought artical

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